martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Misty Rox - Nursery Crimes 1990 (Hair Metal) USA

This is some of the best metal music out there--once you get "Nursery Crymes" or "Prelude to War" in your head, they won't go away; and "Broken Hearts, Broken Roads" is a truly haunting ballad. I never saw them in person, but I have two home movies of Misty Rox, and their live performances--no matter the singer--are amazing. John's drum playing is top-notch, and the guitar work--Ron is truly one of the best, and a talented writer as well. If you can, grab this CD--it is well worth it. (lady)
Nursery Crymes was never put out on CD, it was on tape only and might have sold 200 copies. Rox never made big headlines or played in big places, only worked with bigger band Grimm Jack a few times and had some good connections. Rox shouldn't really be on this site with other big name acts because Rox never was much more than a bar band. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. I know because I was there.(mike) @

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