jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Appearance Of Nothing - Wasted Time 2008 (Prog /Sympho Metal) Switzerland

Switzerland is at the time of writing an important place in Europe because of the European football championship but the country has more to offer than just this. Famous names such as Celtic Frost, Coroner and China are some examples of successful Swiss bands. Now we have to check the debut album of Appearance Of Nothing. The style can be described as progressive, think in the style of Dream Theater, Symphony X, VandenPlas, Secrecy and several more examples could be named. What immediately strikes me is the great production of the CD, the person who is responsible for this is Markus Teske. He previously worked with Symphony X, Vanden Plas just to name a few. Also, the band undeniably has a lot of technical skill. All the ingredients are present for an excellent CD.More Info Here.

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