martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Bang The Union - American Dream 2004 (Hard Rock) USA

Pretentious? Yes. Arrogant? Yes. Fun as hell? You bet your ass. This is Rock ’n’Roll. BANG THE UNION began as a response to too many years of turning on the radio and being faced with nothing but disappointment, going out to see band after band that never delivered, and throwing multitudes of new $16.99 CD’s to the trash heap when all that was found was affected angst and music that was colder than a grave digger’s ass. Billy Wench (singer) and Charles Garris (guitar), both veterans of the east-coast scene had had enough, and shanghaied long time friends, sometime bandmates and co-believers in the cause, James Grevas (bass) and Brett Ciaramella (guitar) into the fold. Matt Blackmon (drums) soon followed after an excruciating search for a drummer that understood. With the first batch of songs in tow, BTU went into the studio and liked what they heard. The self-produced result, AMERICAN DREAM.(
Ty Primalscream

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