martes, 31 de agosto de 2010

Dirty Blonde - Cardboard 1995 + Bonus (Hard Rock) USA

Excellent and solid Hard Rock/Sleaze CD from Dirty Blond. They remind me of Guns n Roses, Faster Pussycat, Razmanaz, Hard Knox, Nasty Idols. The best songs are Right Here, Cardboard, Misery, Just Another Night and the killer track Love At First Bite.Recommended. (the game)

Dirty Blonde - Passion 1989 (Hair Metal) USA

Pretty desperate heirs to the Motley Crue throne. Good production, but little in the way of memorable tunes or originality.(Koogles)

viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Eyes - L.A. Rocks 1990 (Melodic Rock!) USA

1 al 4 JIZZY PEARL,5 y 6 JEFF SCOTT SOTO,7 al 11 JAMES CHRISTIAN,12 al 14 MARK WAITZ y del 15 al 19 EN VIVO 1990 con JEFF SCOTT SOTO... Excelente!!.Info Band Here.

Avalon - Stand The Test Of Time 1993 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Australia

Great AOR/Melodic Rock, Wow! what an album/EP mate! if you are a lover of AOR/Melodic Rock with Class! with the Legendary style of the 80's then... "Falling, Change of Heart, Heaven is All I Need, Longing to Find You... Stand the Test of Time" every song is a jewel! Super Recommended.(Rafo Phoenix)

Avalon - St. 2006 "Richie Zito Project" (Melodic Rock) USA

Info Here.

Avalon - Everyman A King "ep" 1982 (AOR) USA

Classic Aor vinyl ep, not to be confused with a Canadian Pomp Rock band of the same name, from the late 70's, nor prog metal bands in more recent years.With a host of session musicians including Mike Porcaro, Mark Isham and Vinnie Colaiuta, this incarnation of Avalon gave us a sniff of greater things to come, which, sadly, did not materialize. Another great Aor project bites the dust!Vocalist Rick Neigher, would go onto to produce Alias one and only album.(aor-fm)

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Harlequin - St. "Icon vocalist Jerry Harrison" 1991 (Melodic Metal) Canada

Icon vocalist Jerry Harrison teams up with guitarist Mark Hillis on this classic 80s/90s progressive metal album. Featuring vocals and guitar licks that would make any hair-band fan proud, this album delivers progressive metal/rock true to the form of Queensryche, Icon, Dokken and others that made the era known for it's musical inventiveness and power.
THANKS bharlson/joske

miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

Atlantis Airport - By Nature 1992 (AOR) Germany

Fantastic Aor/Pomp with some Westcoast influences. A recent discovery for me, this one.... and am I sure glad! This album mixes Aor/Pomp ala 2Hot4U, Dominoe, with some West Coast style of brass arangements. Known by only a few, and very hard to get hold of, every true fan of Aor should have this album in their collection.

ARS - Truth In A Structured Form 1989 (AOR) USA

Aka Atlanta Rhythm Section, many of you will know this band for their Southern rock/boogie albums, and not for sublime melodic aor, with a bouquet of "The South".
This album was slated by critics and fans alike, for its departure from the ARS norm, but it had been 8 years since their last album, the band members having also changed.
Let me assure you "Truth" is as good as, if not better than, anything 38 Special recorded, or Billy Satellite and bands of that ilk, for that matter.
Forgetting genres, this is, put simply, a fantastic rock album, full stop!
...One of my top ten albums of all time

Asher - Forces Of Nature "Reissue" 2001 (Hard Rock)

Great Hard Rock Power Female!!

viernes, 20 de agosto de 2010

Amgermain Cross - A Farewell To Poison Ivy 1993 (Melodic Rock) Germany

This album,thirteen tracks in all, seems to be a concept album of sorts, with tunes ranging from heartfelt ballads to straight ahead melodic hard rock, with some slightly progressive tendencies keeping you interested. Two best tracks for melodic rockers are "Summer in the city" and "Hot Shot" of which the former you can download below. Theres also a cover version of Steppenwolfs "Born To Be Wild".

Amen - Manfred Ehlerts Amen 1994 (Melodic Rock) Suiza

Two fine albums by Russian born multi-talented Manfred Ehlert that included Krokus vocalist Mark Storace,the choice tones of Glen Hughes, backed by, at least for the first album, a host of session musicians. Ehlerts 1st album was Aor with a couple of tracks heading off into Pop Rock territory, whilst Aguilar is a rockier affair and all the better suited for the vocal styles of the aforementioned frontmen. Final track on Aguilar, "The Magic of K-1" was written for Swiss kickboxing champion Andy Hug who died of leukemia, aged 35.

Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik- Extra Moments 2010 (AOR/Classic Melodic Rock)

Dream Higher / Chiseled In Stone / Cry Of The Wild Heart / Heart Of A Woman / Life #9 / I Wanna Touch You There / Lifeforce / Chiseled In Stone (Demo, Jim Peterik lead vocal) / She's Nothing To Me (Demo, Jim Peterik & Thom Griffin lead vocal) / Lifeforce (Demo, Jim Peterik lead vocal) / Life #9 (Demo, Jim Peterik lead vocal).Ty Javideliz