domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Silver Samurai - Back To The 80's 2009 (Melodic Hard Rock) Polonia

ilver Samurai is a Polish rock band from Tychy that was founded in the year‭ ‬2005‭ (‬with some personnel changes in‭ ‬2006‭)‬.‭ ‬The band debuted with‭ “‬Back To The‭ ‬80‭’‬s‭” ‬and recorded it in the following line-up:‭ ‬Adam‭ ‘‬Blackie‭’ ‬Bała‭ (‬vocal‭)‬,‭ ‬Andrzej‭ ‘‬Andy‭’ ‬Domżoł‭ (‬lead and solo guitar‭)‬,‭ ‬Tomasz‭ ‘‬Tommy‭’ ‬Cedzyński‭ (‬bass‭) ‬and Mateusz‭ ‘‬Mazir‭’ ‬Mazur‭ (‬percussion‭; ‬known from another group Kaiser Waltzer‭)‬.

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Century - This Way To Heaven 12" 1987 (AOR) Suecia

Two songs of Excellent AOR!!.check here.

Mystic Cross - Visions Of Time 1995 (Prog.Metal) USA

Excellent Houston band whos first album was a pomp/prog gem along the lines of The Signs first album, but a tad heavier. "Shadows" saw the band become a quartet, which also preempted a change of style, into a more blues based melodic hard rock unit.
The band have not been together since 2004, and these days Don Lafon plays with prog/power metallers SixMinuteCentury.

martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Cain's Alibi - St. 1996 (Hard Rock) USA

Oh i love this one! - ebay is full of 'awesome' indies that turn out to be just average nowadays, well - here's one that'll fill all your rockin' needs, comparable to Wildside, XYZ, etc - solid as solid can be - highly recommended!!.(

Skinny Horse - No Pain No Gain 1993 (Hard Rock) Suecia

If you don't have this one on your wantlist ... its because you never heard, or you already own it - one of the best swedish indies i ever heard - listen to the mp3 and confirm - grab it while you can! HIGHLY recommended (night songs)
Not really the kind of high class stuff you expect when you pick up a Swedish hard rock CD. A bit like an unscrubbed version of Warrant. Not slick enough to fit nicely in the Swedish HR tradition but not glam enough to be in the same league Warrant or KK Wilde. Production is a bit skinny and, overall, this is one horse that you might NOT want to bet on. (koogles)

lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Shaking Family - Dreaming In Detail 1990 (AOR) USA

The focal point of Nashville-based quintet Shaking Family is lead singer Barbara Carter on their 1990 release Dreaming in Detail. Not only did Carter co-write all the tracks (with guitarist Vince Emmett) and play guitar, her throaty, passionate vocals keep things interesting when the music on Dreaming in Detail threatens to elicit a yawn. David Tickle provides solid production for the band's folk-tinged, adult pop sound. Nothing else really catches quite as well, but Carter's fiery vocals demand attention on "Hammer" and her growl on "Girl on the Edge" captures former Scandal singer Patty Smyth's delivery. The melodies leave Dreaming in Detail a competent, if somewhat unspectacular, listen. (TY Fogkhat42)

domingo, 11 de julio de 2010

Y - Demos 199? (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

Demos de calidad mediocre,pero que buen proyecto de banda que no llego a nada..similar a Easy Action,Zinatra.(TY Homer69/Aornufc)

Zürich - Incommunicado 1989 (Lite AOR) USA

This the 1989 Visual Muzik release; Zurich “Incommunicado”……….A great Jazz/ R&B funk band outta’ Philly PA…..They look like they’d be on some euro-rock sounding stuff but it’s some really smooth 80’s R&B music like the group The System…..It has a few very light marks and plays great !!

Idle Cure - Breakaways 1992 (CCM AOR) USA

This is a christian version of KISS. The guy sounds like Paul Stanley made over and the music really kicks butt. the lyrics are very moving also. a perfect 10.(James).Hey, I agree with all of the comments. As an unbeliever, I was a KISS freak, and some similarities drew me to Idle Cure I'm sure. Of course the difference is the annointing of God on their music, and in my opinion, although Steve Shannon's voice has some similarities to Paul Stanley, he is a far better vocalist. Glenn Pearce has been a huge influence on me as a guitarist as well. I thank God for Idle Cure! Anyone know what ever happened to them? What R they up to now?.(Joe).
Joe has it right. Idle Cure is a good christian AOR act. Some call 'em a christian version of Styx, but that's not true. There are comparisons, but not enough to compare 'em with Styx. Good act !.(aor-freaky)

Zuka - From Here To Where 2000 (Melodic Rock) USA

Fine New Jersey band with a great vocalist akin to the style of House of Spirits Olaf Bilic and Shotgun Symphonies Tracey White.Gotta say it; the song writing on these albums is excellent, perfect for Suriano, who has a voice that absolutely drips emotion.Emotion! lets just mention "Restraints" ballad "Precious Time" a classic tune that squeezes a tear from my jaded eye, every time I hear it.Straight ahead hard rock, some slight progressive tendencies and with album number two taking a more modern but just as melodic approach, you'd be foolish to miss out on these guys. Do so at your peril!Recommended!.(ty McKagan)

sábado, 10 de julio de 2010

Hung Jury - Demos 1992 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Sunset Strip glam band,THANKS soulkeep334.

Zero Zero - Demos 2001-2007 (Melodic Rock)

Very Good band whit female front.

Gambler - Love And Other Crimes 1980 (AOR/Hard Rock) USA

Gambler.. another long lost band from the dusty files of seventies AOR/hard rock. Originating from the Chicago area, and operating in the same zone as local area bands such as Trillion, Jet and Off Broadway. Venturing out into the clubs and bar circuit of the windy city, it wasn't long before they were supporting some big name acts (Chicago's Styx being one of them).A feature of their music is the fabulous multi-part harmonies, similar to bands like Trillion and Avalon, and in keeping with those bands, a slight (ever so slight) symphonic style can be detected.Here (

viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Zero Nine - IX 2009 (Hard Rock) Finland

Ponnistava Kuusamo, Oulu, Finland currently active Nine Zero was
Finland one of the first serious heavy rock puurtajia.The band has had time during his long career to heat the pallets to a gig mm. AC / DC to, for Iron Maiden, Scorpions and ZZ Topille for. Zero Nine was a Finnish hardrock-king in the 80s, and especially discs White Lines and Intriguere membered Finnish Heavy milestones still to this day.

Ziad - Do You Believe 1994 (Melodic Metal) USA

This might seem an obvious question: but are these guys related? Good melodic hard rock with slight prog influences.(aor-fm)

Roy Last Group - Rainchild 1989 (Instrumental Hair Metal) Germany

Blinding Tears - St. 1986 (AOR) USA

Interesting band..good songs like Heaven only knows,Walk on the wire,Call of the wild.. (Ty Homer69)

Acid Love Bites - St. 1994 (Hard Rock/Glam Metal) Japon

Japanese Hard Rock/Glam Metal band, released only one self-titled album in 1994 at Plain Song Records/Time Warp Records. (ty Nightmare Master)

Electric Boys - Freewheelin' 1994 (Hard Rock/Glam), Reissue

jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Emergency - Boys Will Be Boys 1993 ( Melodic Rock) Suecia

Great Swiss melodic rock band in the same vein as Gothard (early) Bonfire and a bit of Whitesnake. I believe this album was later re-issued (Point Music), but the original was on RPZ music. "Love Shot" is a classic anthemic melodic rock tune with a great riff and layered keys. Jose Antonio Manzano was ex Banzai, Manzano , and Niagara (III).Great album all round, crowned with a cool production by Rene J Zingg.Reissued and remastered by Aor Heaven in 2005.

Zed - Holding On 1983 (AOR) UK

One look at these guys and you would think they were a group of English students, stuck in an early 70's timeloop, but I do believe they were a bunch of session musicians who had worked for artists such as Jon Anderson,Gerry Rafferty,Cliff Richard and Elton John. Luckily for us, we are talking 80's Pomp Rock, and a band wholly original that I find difficult to compare to any. Thats their first album. "Holding On" is a relatively new discovery for me, but does not reach the same levels as Zed, and is just a good, Westcoast release, with a couple of standout tracks. Note* Mike Moran (Queen) plays piano on two tracks of their s/t debut. Buy their first without doubt, though it is quite hard to find. If you like it, then their 2nd, to complete the double!.(aor-fm)

Paradise - Demos 19XX (Hard Rock) USA

Great Hard Rock!.Ty Rock Idol.

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2010

Tycoon - Oppurtunity Knocks 1983 (AOR) U.S.A, + 4 Bonus Track

Features a pre-Bon Jovi Tico Torres & a post-Starz Bobby Messano.

Siloam - Sweet Destiny 1991 (CCM Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Awesome Christian melodic metal, one of the top 10 best in that subgenre, drenched with cool guitars, more hooks than a tackle shop, sing along choruses, and stellar vocals! Total 1st album Skid Row or Holy Soldier style!.(ty NightmareMaster)

Y Fly 2 London - Just Say No 1984 (Melodic Rock USA

Very rare 5 track vinyl ep, from New Jersey outfit.Ep was produced by Benjy King who produced other bands like Magnum (Usa), and Fury, and guested on numerous other albums by Patti Smyth, Drive She Said and Fiona.Y FLY 2 LONDON music varies between melodic rock and power pop.

XX Badboy - Fire In The Hole 1993/2008 (Hard Rock/Sleaze) U.S.A

Xeron - Does Anybody Hear 1985 (Hard Rock/Pomp) USA

Great band from the States that reminds me alot of Canadian rockers Wrabit with a bit more pomp thrown in for good measure. Fiery riffs aplenty and the prerequisite layered keyboards (& solos) just the way we like them. This is a mini-lp only available on vinyl, so pick one up asap. Vocalist Larry Leon, along with Phil Cristian went on to front Big Mouth on their one off album "Hands Of Time" (Zoo Money 97).

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Tragic Dream - The Living Room Club 1993 (Hard Rock) USA

A self produced and privately released Cd from the early 90's. Tragic Dream play melodic rock that is very BOSTON influenced in their sound. Don't expect to hear Boston when you put this on....that's a different band. This band's members apparently liked the band Boston and try to play and write songs that they think would be of the style Boston would play and write.....I hope that is very clear!!! (Delbert)