lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

White Diamond - The Lost Demos 1988/1990 (Melodic Rock) USA

I guess on this occasion, this is where the internet fails. Even with the band having a website, their history is still shrouded, with mystery and doubt, and "scuttlebut" is the only thing we have to go on. Check out the various websites on the internet, and see if you can decipher who these guys actually are/were.
This album here, names the band as, Rob Rose - vocals, Tommy Childs - guitar, Rob Richards - guitar, Jack Michaels - bass, Bryan Perish - drums, yet the website has another story (yeah...tell me about it!).
All other things aside, the music is excellent melodic rock/aor, culled from a period between 1988-2001, and reminiscent of bands like Slyboyz, Van Halen (keys), Harem Scarem (debut) Warrant (the cover "Heaven").

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