domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

The Foolhouse - Bite The Dust 1990 (Hard Rock) (Switzerland

Following their 1988 release "Runnin' On Soft Ground" (posted here), the name is changed slightly from "Fool House" to "The Foolhouse". As the album title suggests, there is a bit tougher approach although the overall style is much the same. This is good hard rock with great melodic sensibilities, a nice batch of original tunes, and a good cover of Ian Hunter's classic "One Bitten Twice Shy". So, come on into The Foolhouse, and get ready for some "Real Good Rockin". Interesting to note that two of the band members, Rolf Balsiger and Ron Hoffmann, would reappear with yet another hard rocking Swiss band, Big Red One, for a pair of fine 1994 and 1997 releases.TY FOGKHAT42.

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