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Love Survival & Drive - St. 199X (HardRock) USA

This is one of the best unsigned local rock bands from Houston Texas. They Dominated the 90's, but they decided to disband and start other musical projects and pursue other careers around music.http://www.myspace.com/l0v35urv1v4ldr1v3.
TY Rock Idol.

Adriana - Sun In The Night (AOR) Germany

Very Very Good.. Like JOAL.

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Kinki Stunt - St. 1994 (Hard Rock) USA

Like: Slaughter, Warrant, Rock City Angels, Pair-a Dice, Tainted Angel, Alleycat Scratch, Jackyl, etc.. Info Here

Russian Roulette - First Shot 1989 (Hard Rock) USA

Russian Roulette came out of the eighties era. Popular with rock fans in the mid-western United States, Russian Roulette carved their sound along side bands like Van Halen,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden, and flavored it with a touch of 70's style from bands like Deep Purple. The original line up consisted of: Steve Revis (Vocals), Tracy Thompson (Guitar), Greg Bickers (Guitar), Danny Riley (Bass), and Dave Smalley (Drums).TY Rockgrande.

Wiggy Bits - St. 1976 (Melodic Rock) USA

Great early melodic rock band, which had ex Barnaby Bye men Peppy Castro and Mike Ricciadella,who later would form Network, and in 1987 the fantastic, Aviator, Castro (along with Bob Kulick) Balance.(aor-fm)

lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

White Diamond - The Lost Demos 1988/1990 (Melodic Rock) USA

I guess on this occasion, this is where the internet fails. Even with the band having a website, their history is still shrouded, with mystery and doubt, and "scuttlebut" is the only thing we have to go on. Check out the various websites on the internet, and see if you can decipher who these guys actually are/were.
This album here, names the band as, Rob Rose - vocals, Tommy Childs - guitar, Rob Richards - guitar, Jack Michaels - bass, Bryan Perish - drums, yet the website has another story (yeah...tell me about it!).
All other things aside, the music is excellent melodic rock/aor, culled from a period between 1988-2001, and reminiscent of bands like Slyboyz, Van Halen (keys), Harem Scarem (debut) Warrant (the cover "Heaven").

West - Out Of The Ashes 1989 (AOR) USA

Perfect pompy aor band with catchy tunes in the same vein as Beau Coup. Its unclear of release formats: but definitely cassette! Vernon and Dana West were also in New England Pop Rock band Sass.
Many thanks to John Ralphs for making us aware of this great band.

Warriors - St. 1984 (Melodic Hard Rock) Serbia

Bands one and only album (I think) was released in Canada, on Attic. Though I'd suggest the band themselves were not in fact Canadian. Lead vocalist is accented (could be French/Canadian?) But with names like Dusan, Slobo and Zoran i'd suggest an eastern european country (Romania?).(aor-fm)

Watchmen - Generation 1989 (CCM Melodic Rock) USA

Very good Christian melodic rock band out of Tacoma, WA. "Fear No Evil" was a cassette only release, and is relatively unknown, which is a shame as its a great set of songs, verging on pomp rock.

Walk The Wire - St. 1994 (AOR) UK

Originally known as Frozen Heart (named after the FM song) and releasing an ep "Shout It To The Top" in 1988, they changed their name to "WTW" and released a fine, polished melodic aor album in 1994.For fans of FM, early Dare and Atlantic.

White Heat - We Never Heard Of You Either 1989 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Canada

: Obscure one-off by a band that had Rick Santers as guest guitarist and Triumphs Gil Moore on drums.In fact Moore also had a hand in the production and Rush stalwart Terry Brown in the mixing of some of the tunes.An underrated album from the poppier and hi-tech side of Aor-town, in the vein of New Regime, Regatta, with a tad more in the way of guitars.

War Babies - St. 1992/2003 (Hard Rock Blusy) USA [Re-issue French]

Classic, blues based hard rock album fronted by ex TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel.No fillers here, just attitude, emotion and fine songwriting with some huge hooks that will never let go! This is one of those personal albums that once heard, will be a regular visitor to the cd player...forever! Awesome!Reissued by Wolftone, in 2003 with 3 bonus tracks which are different mixes of the album tunes.

Wanted - Over The Top 1993 (Hard Rock) Norway

Competent hard rock band not to be confused with the American band of the same name. "Over The Top" seemed to be influenced a little by early Van Halen and is quite tough to track down, but go for the Jap version, with better sound and artwork. (aor-fm)

domingo, 27 de junio de 2010

Robbie Patton - Orders From Headquarters 1982 (AOR) UK

Robbie Patton is an English singer-songwriter. His first major exposure came in 1979 when he was selected as the opening act for a Fleetwood Mac tour. Mac member Christine McVie would go on to produce both of Patton's solo albums and played keyboards on them; Lindsey Buckingham played guitar on Patton's hit single, "Don't Give it Up", and Stevie Nicks sang on "Smiling Islands". Patton returned the favour by co-writing the hit "Hold Me", which appeared on Fleetwood Mac's 1982 album, Mirage. Patton wrote songs for Jonathan Cain and Santana later in the 1980s.

The Rex Carroll Band - That Was Then, This Is Now 2010 (Hard Rock/Blues)

Whitecross Guitarist,TY Darkwatcher.

The Foolhouse - Bite The Dust 1990 (Hard Rock) (Switzerland

Following their 1988 release "Runnin' On Soft Ground" (posted here), the name is changed slightly from "Fool House" to "The Foolhouse". As the album title suggests, there is a bit tougher approach although the overall style is much the same. This is good hard rock with great melodic sensibilities, a nice batch of original tunes, and a good cover of Ian Hunter's classic "One Bitten Twice Shy". So, come on into The Foolhouse, and get ready for some "Real Good Rockin". Interesting to note that two of the band members, Rolf Balsiger and Ron Hoffmann, would reappear with yet another hard rocking Swiss band, Big Red One, for a pair of fine 1994 and 1997 releases.TY FOGKHAT42.

viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Hungryheart - One Ticket To Paradise 2010 (Melodic Rock) Italia

The new album by Italian melodic hard-rockers HUNGRYHEART will be released on June 18th, 2010.
HUNGRYHEART, who hit Sleaze Roxx' Top 10 of 2008 for their self-titled debut album, now proudly present their new release 'One Ticket To Paradise' (Tanzan Music/Fastball/Sony Music). The album contains 12 songs of the finest melodic hardrock music, recorded at Pacific Studios in Codogno/Italy, mixed at Hit Factory Studio in Massalengo/Italy by Alessandro del Vecchio and mastered by Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova, Voices Of Rock).
Influenced by the great 80s and 90s bands such as Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey, Giant, Bad English, just to name a few, HUNGRYHEART mix melody with power, the best of their musical influences with a modern, sleazy attitude and hit you right between the eyes!
.(Sleaze Roxx)

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Lions Pride - Breaking Out 1984 (Hair Metal/NWOBHM) Belgica

Veil - Mr. Sunshine 1992 (AOR/Rock) USA

I had high expectations for this cd!..disappoints me..basic rock without force.Only for collectors.
Thank You my Friend M31 for Sharing!.

Tokyo Rose - Same 1992 (Hard Rock) USA

Nice sounding band that came out of the San Diego area like a mixed bag of melodic hard rock/glam....you'll hear catchy hooks and just a hint of keys. Vocalist Jeff Axelson is very similar sounding to NITRO's J. Gillette. Their sound can be compared to a mix of early CINDERELLA, NITRO, AUTOGRAPH with hints of MOTLEY CRUE and POISON. (Delbert)
A fine release from California based 5 pieces band.They are just between Autograph - Jag Wire and Motley Crue - Poison in sound.Worth owning. (Japangea)
Thank You M31.

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

UsBest - 10 On One 1993 (Melodic Rock) Austria

VFX - The Next Step 1993 ( Melodic Rock) USA, pre M Pire

Fronted by pre Mpire, and current Talon vocalist Michael O'mara, VFX were a fantastic band with the ability to mix different styles, ranging from Aor right through to Pomp and hard rock... with ease.Their s/t mini/cd is my particular favourite, with its BLVD like, expansive Aor sound. "The Next Step" has more guitar crunch, and some might say, even has elements of prog. Never quite straight forward, individualistic tunes, that assault you from different angles, are what VFX are all about, with the emphasis allways on melody and songwriting. Thoroughly recommended. Rumour has it a new album is being worked on for 2004.
Scott Wilson also has a couple of solo cds: "Cruel World" and "Kaleidoscopes End", all released on Metalogic.(aor-fm)

Needle Park - C'Mon Get Real 2002 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Very hair/pop metal oriented, For fans of Buck Cherry, Cheap Trick, Extreme.This month for our artist of the month spotlight we take a look at Needle Park, a band created by Craig Bradford (Joey C. Jones and The Glory Hounds) and Adam Hamilton (L.A. Guns, Joey C. Jones and The Glory Hounds, C.C. DeVille, Joe 90). (cd baby)

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Yale Bate - Business Or Pleasure 1990 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Catchy Swedish hard rock... and one very rare album in the same vein as Shaboom and Return.

Jailhouse - 3rd Strike 2008 (Hard Rock) USA

Jailhouse in the late 80’s and early 90’s took the world by storm. Their MTV Smash hit “Please Come Back” was the most played on Head Bangers ball in the early 90’s. The bands line up is Danny Simon on lead Vocals, Michael Raphael on Guitar , Amir Derakh on guitar, Matt Thorne on Bass and David Alford on drums.
Amir Derakh went on to form bands like “Orgy” and “Jullian K”. Michael Raphael formed “Neve” (Columbia Records) and has become a well known producer. Matt Thorne has become a well known producer working with many signed artists including “Trapt” Jailhouse sold over 400,000 units of “Alive in a mad world” and toured the world. This new cd “3rd Strike” has reached in the vault of rock and roll and will defiantly make you want to bang your head. (cdbaby.com).TY Jstoyz.

Schoolboy Crush - Good Time, Bad Boys 2005 (Hard Rock)

very good HR!!

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M Pire - Chapter One 1995 (Hard Rock) U.S.A

Yummy! This is some tasty melodic hard rock, served up by the superb guitars of Joshua Perahia. There is some Christianese sprinkled in the lyrics, but the band doesn't pile on the religion heavy-handedly, opting to just deliver a cool melodic hard rock CD. The hooks are sharp enough to draw blood and the choruses, while not over-the-top bombastic, are still catchy enough to sink into your ears and make you remember them. Not quite a masterpiece, but an album well worth owning.(Allen)

Streetwise - St. 1996 (Hard Rock) USA

Fans of hard-hitting bands like Suicide Circus, Widowmaker, or Barren Cross would be wise to get their hands on this rare indie, even if it costs 'em a few extra pennies. Powerful guitars, crunchy riffs, plenty of attitude, the expected gang vocals...they're all present & accounted for. Bottom line, if you're into this style of hard rock, you'd have to be a dummy not to add this to your collection... (Allen).TY Jstoyz!.

jueves, 17 de junio de 2010

Worlds Apart - Clean Slate 2010 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

World's Apart has been around recording and performing surprisingly since the early 90's and have delivered some strong material in the past. The San Francisco Bay are rockers are no strangers to the limelight, they have had the privilege to support many national acts such as Dokken, Y&T, Night Ranger, and Firehouse to name a few. Now as part of the top selling artists on their record label Perris Records, the guys return with their 4th CD name "Clean Slate".myglobalmind.info.TY! Jtoyz.

Dear Diary - Windy City Rockers 1992 (Hard Rock) (Unreleased) USA


lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

US - Where Are You Now "Single" 1986 ( Melodic Metal/NWOBHM) UK


Urgent - Cast the First Stone 1984 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Canada

EXCELLENT GEM!!..Like!..Bricklin, Preview, Illusion..

United Nations - The First Move 1985 + Demos (Melodic Rock) UK

Ye Hah! A UK (Stoke) band?! Bejesus! whats the world coming too? .. and the first song on this wee gem of an album is called "Sound Of The 1980's". What more could you ask for? A classic!? Steady on... not quite. How about Monro, Charlie, and Tobruck though... sound good? Check out the soundbyte below... and make up your own mind. I've only ever seen one copy of this, and it ain't mine, mores the pity. Written right at the very bottom of this album is "Two fingers in the air to Nauso-leum Records". I guess a certain record label failed to sign them. Their loss. Get trawling those record fairs and second hand shops, and if you see two copies... !

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Curfew - Don't Wait Up 1992 (Melodic AOR) Canada

Highly recommended mini album from this canadian band.The first track "Gimme Love" is a lovely poppy AOR song,while "Leaving Me" is more pure AOR with great keys and a good refrain, reminds alot of Haywire/ Boulevard kind of AOR!"Heaven" is a good ballad. The two last songs are both really good AOR like Haywire.So I can really recommend this to those who like keyboard laden AOR with good vocals al'a Boulevard, Haywire, Worrall or Diamond in the rough. (aorjocke)

Robyn Danger - Anthology 2009 (Heavy Metal) USA

Almost 70 minutes of female fronted classic US metal getting more melodic on the latter demos. So called American answer to WARLOCK, mixed with HEART and ROMEO'S DAUGHTER influences just to name a few. This is a collection of the 3 cassette tape EPs (1985, 1988, 1990) and 5-track demo 1992 which originally were released on the band's own label Danger Records in very limited quantities and available only locally in Bay Area.Thank You N.Master.

Kelley Wild - Looks Like Dynamite 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock) Germany

The debut from this excellent German band, with a lead singer whose style is a lot like Paul Stanley from Kiss. The album boasts rock solid songs throughout, highlighted by the most rocking version of the classic "Knock On Wood" you're likely ever to hear . Recommended.Thank You Fogkhat42

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Smelly Boggs - St. 1999 (Sleazy Glam Rock) Italy

Similar to sleaze glam bands such as Alleycat Scratch, Foxy Roxx, Heart Throb Mob, etc.

Universe - St. 1985 (Hard Rock) Suecia

Excellent Swedish one off that had a melodic NWOBHM feel, reminiscent of early Praying Mantis. This album was released on vinyl and cd, with the latter format being particularly hard to pick up.

viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Universe - Waiting For...1993 (Hard Rock) Germany

As far as EPs go, there are few I'd recommend over this one. I am a huge fan of these guys and think they're an excellent band, and this EP goes to prove what I think. After the killer melodic hard rock debut, this follow-up is a little more mellow and will appeal to AOR fans as well as melodic hard rockers. Excellent songs, perfectly played and I could not recommend this more. Great stuff!!! All songs are great.(Geoff)

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

TX Barryt - X's 1993 (Hard Rock) Germany

The strangely named TX.Barryt, has become a much sought after cd album, commanding top dollar by dealers, worldwide. I believe this album was released circa 1994/95 in Germany, since I remember seeing their name down for performing at a concert in Berlin, arround that time. It is, blistering hard rock, very melodic, and has the feel of US bands like Flame, Babylon AD, and Firehouse. What more can I say, but, check out the sounds!
It appears that the guys are recording new songs for 2008, watch this space. Also, if you wish to see an Mtv style video, check out their website via their page link here.Thank You Leec

lunes, 7 de junio de 2010

Chrysalid – Licence To Kill 1995 (Melodic Rock/Metal)

Exclusive Kissmar!!!

Priscilla - Wake Up The Neighborhood 1988 (Glam Metal) USA

Wake Up The Neighborhood is The first and only EP/Single by American Glam Metal band Priscilla, released 1988.Thank You Hardrocker28.

Wild Side - Speed Devil 2010 (Melodic Hard Rock) Norway

Norwegian rockers Wild Side return in 2010 with their sophomore release, Speed Devil, with a new vocalist and second guitarist on board. Echoing the music that made the Sunset Strip famous in the 1980's, Wild Side could be the doppelganger, if not a curious imitation, of Motley Crue. Certainly, new singer Joachim Berntsen is cut out of the same cloth as Vince Neil. With eyes closed, you may wonder if the band didn't audition until the found that signature voice. Even the music is reminiscent of that era, generally, and Crue more specifically, especially on the songs Live Forever and Wild One.Thank You Jtoyz.

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

Turn - Turn Back Time 2001 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Excellent German outfit that have released one CD ep demo thus far, with an album entitled "Welcome To The Show" waiting in the can. Comparible to Coastland Ride, Alien with some Saga/Asia like, Symphonic elements.

Twenty Twenty - St. 1985 & Altered 1987 (CCM Pomp Rock) USA

Classic christian pomp rockers that every Aor maniac should hear.. at least the once. Ron Collins also has a solo album "Simple Man" released in 1992 on Giant.
Strangely, the band changed their name slightly, for album number two. "Altered". They were now know as 20/Twenty.