viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010

Hollywood Bears - Bear Yourself 1987 (AOR) USA

The cover already looks promising and makes you wonder what's behind the cover..?
The band name and also some rumours gave the impression of a Glam band, but this is not true.
Only the first songs has a bit of a glamish feel, but the other 3 songs a prime time AOR.
Check out the soundclip to give you an idea and you'll
agree it's a real pity there are only 4 songs on the Ep.
The production is very good for an indie.
Why they didn't have the success of Bon Jovi, xtreme,....etc is puzzling because musically, this band had it all to make it big....a shame.(Vanbuel)

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  1. Hola Kissmar,

    Tracks 1 y 4 son las mismas-"Livin' The Life." Pero, muchas gracias de todas maneras por compartirlo amigo.....Saludos, jstoyz

  2. oh jtoyz.. i'm check this!!! thx friend!!!