viernes, 9 de abril de 2010

Slyboyz - Good Time Music 1994 & What Comes After 2! 1993 (Melodic Rock) USA

This album is basically a compilation of tracks taken from previous cassette only albums: Slyboyz 1, and "What Comes After 2". It is also pre Savannah with keyboarder Marty Olga, along with guest musicians Bob Vose (also Fortune-s/t & Storyline) and Dario Dipietrantonio going on to better things with Z records.
The music itself is a mish mash of classic melodic aor ("Dreamin", "Solitaire", "The Higher You Get") to more blandola tracks that seem to lose their way. But this is a compilation.
Well worth acquiring for the three afore mentioned tunes alone. Jeff Fraser also has a self-titled album to his name.

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