lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Mr. Scary - The World Can Wait 2010 (Melodic Hard Rock) Australia

This is a fantastic slice of commercial melodic hard rock in the same vein as early Bon Jovi, Blue Tears, Heartless, Friction and others along that line. The band was active in the early '90s but never released an LP. The songs on this CD were recorded b/t approximately 1990-1993, though the band just independently released this CD in 2009 (sold in 2010) via two limited runs of 110 pressings total. Speaking of it's indie status, the guys deserve an A+ for production, sound quality, track arrangement, and packaging/artwork. Hopefully, if the demand is there, more copies will be created in the near future. Better yet, maybe they'll be signed to a label like Escape or Frontiers and then this record can be properly distributed.(jtoyz)

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