sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Lickity Split - Stick It In 2009 (Hair Metal/Glam) USA

Another treasure dug up by Retrospect Records and first time ever on cd for the enigmatic L.A. Sunset-Strip based 80s Hair Metal / Glam act LICKITY SPLIT. Headlining clubs like the Troubadour , the Whiskey , Gazzarri's and The Roxy alongside bands like Guns n Roses , Tuff and LA Guns , LICKITY SPLIT was a band that unfortunately slipped thru the cracks. Now they have been resurrected and this is an excellent slice of 80s Hard Rock. Lickity Split re-united for Rocklahoma 2009 and won over a legion of new fans. Every 80s Glam / Hair Metal fan needs this in their collection.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe your blog is alive.... I'm in a long time lookin for Lickity Split album, and if you can send me a link in my e-mail, I'll appreciate, I can't find the link in the page. Thanxxx!

    e-mail: glam_hard_80@hotmail.com

    see 'ya