martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Carl Dixon - One 1993 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Canada

In 1992 CARL DIXON decided to get down to the business of his long-delayed first solo album "One" (featuring Billy Carmassi on drums and ROUGH AND READY bassist Tim Harrington along with guests Steve Shelski and Andy Curran of CONEY HATCH). In 1997 CARL DIXON toured with GUESS WHO. In June 2000 his new solo album "Into the Future" was begun. Carl: "I brought all my experiences in producing to the project; I engineered the recordings in my studio, I stretched myself as a guitar player, I brought in some of my favourite players to guest, and utilised my awesome live band who I've played with for years." "Into the Future" is a great melodic rock album which also features guest appearances by Steve Shelski (CONEY HATCH), Brian Greenway (APRIL WINE) and Pat Kilbride (SASS JORDAN, IAN Hunter). Co-writers include Andy Curran, Rick Neigher and Mike Lunn. The album comprises 13 songs, three cover songs among them; "Little Bit of Love" by FREE, "River" by Robin Trower and "Lonely You" by Bad Finger.

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