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Shea Roxi - Demos 1988 (Melodic Rock/AOR) 1988 USA

Carl Dixon - One 1993 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Canada

In 1992 CARL DIXON decided to get down to the business of his long-delayed first solo album "One" (featuring Billy Carmassi on drums and ROUGH AND READY bassist Tim Harrington along with guests Steve Shelski and Andy Curran of CONEY HATCH). In 1997 CARL DIXON toured with GUESS WHO. In June 2000 his new solo album "Into the Future" was begun. Carl: "I brought all my experiences in producing to the project; I engineered the recordings in my studio, I stretched myself as a guitar player, I brought in some of my favourite players to guest, and utilised my awesome live band who I've played with for years." "Into the Future" is a great melodic rock album which also features guest appearances by Steve Shelski (CONEY HATCH), Brian Greenway (APRIL WINE) and Pat Kilbride (SASS JORDAN, IAN Hunter). Co-writers include Andy Curran, Rick Neigher and Mike Lunn. The album comprises 13 songs, three cover songs among them; "Little Bit of Love" by FREE, "River" by Robin Trower and "Lonely You" by Bad Finger.

Carl Dixon - Into The Future 2001 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Canada

CARL DIXON, a studied piano-, guitar-, drums-, voice- and percussion musician, joined CONEY HATCH in 1981. The debut album "Coney Hatch" was released in summer 1982, produced by Canadian Rock legend Kim Mitchell who had "discovered" and nurtured the band through the formative stages and released the top-ten single "Hey Operator". "Outa Hand" (1983) and "Friction" (1985) have been the follow up albums which were promoted on long live tours on JUDAS PRIEST's "Screaming for Vengeance" tour and IRON MAIDEN's "Piece Of Mind" tour.

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Barebones - St. 1995 (Hard Rock) USA

Mike Lee (Barren Cross) in 1990 and left Barren Cross joins Bare Bones, which draws its only album called Barebones.
The sound is pretty good, better than my taste Barren Cross, highlight issues such as "To Die For," "Turn Back Time" and "Wan

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Black Syndrome - St. 1990 (Melodic Rock) South Korea

Joey C. Jones and the Glory Hounds - St. 1993 (Melodic Metal) U.S.A.

If you weren't paying attention you'd think that Mark Slaughter was singing on some of these songs. Joey C. Jones sounds very much like Mark at times. The songs are well written, catchy, pop rock songs ala Cheap Trick. They're the type of songs that can get stuck in your head for days, especially the lead off track "Hello." Speaking of Cheap Trick, the first single was written by Robin Zander and Rick Nielson called "Wait All Night." C.C. DeVille ended up getting co-writing credit for the song "Broadway." Every song has a memorable chorus and solid musicanship. It's a solid CD that fans of Cheap Trick, Enuff Z'Nuff, Butch Walker, and I guess even Slaughter should enjoy.This band started out of the ashes of C.C. DeVille's Needle Park. Joey and Adam were in C.C.'s band and after that feel through, they put together Joey C. Jones And The Glory Hounds. The CD came out on TNT Records and in 1993 nobody wanted to hear this type of music so it went largely unnoticed. I don't even remember how I got this CD but I know I got it when it came out. Finding it now would be pretty hard.(

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Lite - Light 199? (AOR) Netherlands

Pretty decent AOR, guitars are definitely in the mix, though it's certainly on the softer side of the spectrum. Remco Nagtzaam has unique vocals that are likely an acquired taste, rating as not the worst nor the best- but, who am I to criticize really, my voice is horrid. The first three tracks are the highlight of the album for me, melody is abundant throughout, and the songwriting overall is a positive IMO. Picked it up for a good price, and would recommend it as long as the price is low (maybe $10-$20). From what I can discern, Remco is currently a member of a Dutch songwriter collective/camp, and year of release = 1990......Jeff. (jstoyz)

jueves, 25 de marzo de 2010

Savvy - Made In Texas 1982 (AOR) USA

Excellent Aor with touches of Pomp in the Powerglide/Magic Cat (Styx)style. "Rumour control" has it that their album will be re-issued in the not too distant future. To read a very thorough history of the band and their escapades, go to
You will also find on this album the original version of "Come Alive" and "Break your heart",later cover covered by Head East on "Choice of Weapons", an album which Savvy band member and song writer Ricky Lynn, was engineer.(aor-fm)

Savage Affair - Actual Reality 1996 (AOR/Westcoast) Denmark

Westcoast band that ex Harlot keyboarder Bo Brink was a member of. Have three other albums;Velvet Revoloution,Pink Pills for Pale People, and Dumb Again.(aor-fm)

Jonathan Cain - Back To The Innocence 1990 (AOR) UK

Keyboardist/songwriter Jonathan Cain found AOR success in a series of bands ranging from Journey to the Babys and Bad English. Born in Chicago on February 26, 1950, he first emerged fronting the Jonathan Cain Band, which issued one LP, Windy City Breakdown, on the Bearsville label in 1977. A year later Cain replaced keyboardist Mike Corby in the British band the Babys, which scored the hits "Isn't It Time" and "Every Time I Think of You." When the group disbanded in 1981, Cain joined Journey prior to their breakthrough hit Escape, and remained in the band until they broke up after 1986's Raised on Radio. Two years later, he and Journey guitarist Neal Schon teamed with ex-Babys frontman John Waite in Bad English, which scored a pair of major hits -- "When I See You Smile" and "Price of Love" -- before calling it quits in 1991. Cain resumed his solo career with 1995's Back to the Innocence and Piano With a View; after rejoining Journey for their 1996 reunion effort, Trial By Fire he returned with the solo Body Language in 1997. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

10:01 - Ten-O-One 1988 (Pomp Rock) U.S.A.

Good Pomp Rock ep, released vinyl only.

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Rick Derringer - Good Dirty Fun 1983 (CCM Melodic Rock/AOR)

When Love Attacks duet with Bonnie Tyler

David Hallyday - Rock' n' Heart 1990 (AOR/Westcoast) USA

Triple X - Demos 19?? (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Data cero. Sound 6 pts. Very godd band of USA!

Sandy Stewart - Cat Dancer 1984 (AOR) USA

Poppy aor album from Stevie Nicks (solo) backing vocalist Sandy Stewart. "Guests" included Beau Hill (Airborne, Shanghai) Stevie Nicks herself, Anton Fig and Amanda Blue, also of Shanghai.
Sandy Stewart would go on to form Blue Yonder, and release one album in 1987.

Saint - St. 1984 (Pomp Rock) USA

Fantastic American band that delivered hard edged melodic pomp. Imagine Journey if they beefed up the guitars and added a few more layers of keyboards! The production is sadly lacking which gives it the rough sound, but the tunes are excellent and makes this an absolute must for all melodic rock fans. Where are they now? The search is on... so watch this space! Classic!
Reissued in 2006 by Retrospect.

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Serpentine - A Touch Of Heaven 2010 (Melodic Rock/AOR )

This site and this post NO contains download link.
Trained by Christopher Gould, guitar, Gareth David Noon, and Gareth Vanstone keyboards, bass. The March 26 debut edited "A Touch of Heaven". Rounding out the band, drummer Roy Millward and vocalist Tony Mills (Shy, TNT, State of Rock, etc.)

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K.K. Wilde - Cocaine Cowboy 1991 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

99 cents seems to be a magic starting price in this edition of Ebay Madness! KK Wilde is another one of those bands that has become highly collectible over the last 10 years. COCAINE COWBOY is actually the band’s 2nd record, there’s a bit of confusion out there because the debut, ROCK N ROLL, also came out in 1991. I haven’t seen this CD for a long time so I knew it would get a high price.

Voices - Anything Can Happen 1992 (AOR) USA

Included onetime Tradia, Departure and current Norway vocalist, Dave Baldwin.

Typhoon - Sometimes 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock) Austria

Yet another great sounding German band whose sound is in the style of FAIR WARNING, ANGEL HEART and PRETTY MAIDS all tossed into a blender then add keys and super awesome melodies. It's truly amazing how great they sound on this release. (delbert)
Thank You Aornufc

Scarlet - Ship Of Fools 1992 (Hard Rock) UK

Roxy Blue - Rock A Bye Hollywood "live.bootleg" 1991 (Hard Rock) USA

Highly recommended for groups Collections of Rare,sound very good.

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Triple X - Bang 1991 (Glam Hard Rock) U.S.A.

Tainted Angel (2) - Say A Prayer 1993 (Melodic Hard Rock) U.S.A.

This band NOT is.. Tainted Angel is another of the same name and country. Material On This Cd Was Recorded In The Late 1980'S In L.A. And Finally Pressed On Cd In 1993.Excellent 80's sounding indie. A nice mix of ZAZA (Party With The Big Boyz) meets "Sign In Please" era AUTOGRAPH with sprinkles of early DANGER DANGER "Ted Pohley era". (delbert)

Tainted Angel - A Little Heaven 1992/2007 (Hair Metal/Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Sandy Stewart - Cat Dancer 1984 (AOR) USA

Poppy aor album from Stevie Nicks (solo) backing vocalist Sandy Stewart. "Guests" included Beau Hill (Airborne, Shanghai) Stevie Nicks herself, Anton Fig and Amanda Blue, also of Shanghai.
Sandy Stewart would go on to form Blue Yonder, and release one album in 1987.

Sam Alex - Pieces 2004 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Ex Avalon,Sheela and Tokyo Rose, this is Sam's first solo outing and is a pretty good melodic rock affair, with a fair sprinkling of good hooks and enough keys to keep the pomp rockers happy. Its not particularly original but has enough of its own personality to keep you listening. There are also three cover versions: "Sounds Like A Melody" (Alphaville), "Dancing With Tears In Your Eyes" (Ultravox) and "Magic Breeze" (Robby Valentine). Fans of mid 80's Melodic Aor will love it, except for perhaps the afore mentioned cover versions. Good one!
Bobby Altvater was ex Affair and Schwager, MT Eyes.Alvater would eventually go onto perform with Brunorock on their "Interaction" album.(aor-fm)

Sam - The Way We See Things 199? (Melodic Rock) Suiza

Obscure album by brothers Cotting, recorded in Switzerland. Are they Swiss? .. don't know! These guys could be any nationality, due to their locale. Whatever, we have an album of prime time melodic rock, with accentless vocals, nice flashy guitar breaks, and skirling keyboards that howl about you, spinning and twisting like the ghost of pompous past! Not a classic... but a gem never the less, with that certain "something", that we're all looking for in private releases. Now! ... you gotta find one!

Sahara - St. 2001 (AOR) Suecia

Swedish, aor/west coast duo, backed by session musicians, which included Kaspar Dahlquist of prog metallers, Treasure Land and Stormwind.
I have to admit to not liking this album, though there is some excellent guitarwork, I always found it a bit "plodding" and bereft of any kind of real "spark".
By all accounts, I appear to be in the minority.
For fans of countrymen, Street Talk.

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The Innocent - Livin´ In The Street 1985 (Melodic Rock/AOR)


FM - Metropolis 2010 (Melodic Rock/AOR) UK

FM celebrate the release of their first studio album in over 15 years and it's called "METROPOLIS"

Distance - Under The One Sky 1989 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A

Put together by ex Powerstation/Chic members Bernard Edwards (R.i.P.) and Tony Thompson after completion of the former bands s/t album. You can hear Thompsons influence on this album, as well as Crown of Thorns self-titled debut, the band that Thompson would eventually go onto join. Its in the rhythm and the grooves...I swear! This is a fine and underrated aor album, and one that should in every discerning aor fans collection. Robert Hart would release two solo aor albums and join Bad Company.Bova and Martinez would both feature with Meat Loaf on his "Bat Out Of Hell II" album.

jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Sahara Steel - St. 2001 (Melodic Hard Rock) U.S.A

Great US melodic hard rock band, with their feet firmly planted in the 80's.
If you like Steelhearts debut, Dokken or Lion, pick up this album asap.

Sage - Stick It To Ya 1994 (Hard Rock) USA 2

Although the back cover says this minicd has 5 tracks it does in fact only have three full songs, as the other two are intros only. Catchy hard rock with an interesting keyboard sound which gives this band a unique sound. I'll stick my neck out and also say that these guys are a christian band, since the prelude to "Unspoken Truth" Sages' final tune, is the Lords prayer ("Our Father"). A cool band that rock and one that I'd like to think had a full albums worth of material, somewhere! But its unlikely. Recommended.

Dark Star - Real To Reel 1987 (Hard Rock)

Rock Candy - Sucker For A Pretty Face 1987 (Hard Rock/Glam)

One of the best bands I have ever heard. Has a Poison meets Hot Boy sound with a hint of Noize Toys. Every damn track is awesome. Radio is probably my favorite rocker, but the ballads remind me of Lou Gramm with hints of other aor kings. I don't have enough room here to heap enough praise on this one. Has a nice glam/ rock combo and some aor thrown in. (tim)

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Sabre - St "maxi ep" 1988 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Rare 5 track vinyl ep of fiery melodic hard rock.

Saber - Do Or Die 1997 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Excellent melodic hard rock, with great songs, highlighted by some fantastic frett-work.

Hans Naughty - Paint The Town Red 1987 (Hard Rock/Glam) USA

Hans Naughty was an early Bay Area heavy metal ? band that existed in the 80s. They supported Bitch and Metallica at The Stone in San Francisco on September 18th, 1982, replacing Cirith Ungol who for some reason had to cancel their appearance. Bass player Steve Stamato stepped in as a temporary replacement in Détente for a gig in Montréal, Canada, in the winter of 1987/1988,
supporting the mighty Slayer.

Heist - High Heel Heaven 1989 (Melodic Metal) USA

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Ruckus - St. 1994 (Hard Rock) Suiza

Excellent Swiss hard rock quartet who consisted of pre Shakra members Pete Wiedmer,Roger Badertscher and Thom Blunier.
Theres a few Black Sabbath/Maiden riffs but mostly the music is akin to melodic Accept, circa "Eat The Heat" when David Reece was vocalist.

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Split Image - Sign Of Aggression 1984/1994 (Melodic Rock) USA


Private Eyes - Here's How 1985 (Power Pop) USA

Average Pop Rock with a couple of decent songs towards the end of the album.
Not essential... completists only!

Michael Damian - Where Do We Go 1989 (AOR/Westcoast)

The album included Rock On which was released as a single and went to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video also earned it's mark at No.1 on MTV. Rock On went gold in the U.S. and Canada.
The album also featured the singles; Cover Of Love which went Top 40 on Billboard Hot 100, and Was It Nothing At All, which went Top 20 Billboard and spent two weeks at No.5 on Radio and Records Adult Contemporary Chart of 1990. It also earned Damian the BMI Songwriter's Award.