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Moxy Roxx - Victims Of The Night 1986 (Melodic Metal/Hard Rock) USA

Helen Hoffner - Wild About Nothing 1993 (AOR) USA

Wild About Nothing is a music album by 'Helen Hoffner'It was the culmination of ten years work that started in 1982 when Helen joined the band 'The Astronauts'(Stiff Records) with Simon Burton and David Lief.Subsequently, Simon and Helen formed an all girl band called 'The Marines.Produced by Hugh Padgham and Simon Burton, the album featured Vinnie Colaiuta-Drums; Pino Palidino-Bass; Dominic Miller-Guitar; Bob Marlett and Michael Scherchen-Keyboards. The original pressing of the album only had 11 tracks, 'Edge of a Dream'(featuring Bryan Adams) was added later on, and was never a part of that original album recording.'Summer of Love.

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Nasty - Off Your Rocker 2005 (Melodic Hard Rock/Hair Metal/Glam) Reissue


Michael Damian - Where Do We Go 1989 (AOR/Westcoast) USA

The album included Rock On which was released as a single and went to No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video also earned it's mark at No.1 on MTV. Rock On went gold in the U.S. and Canada.
The album also featured the singles; Cover Of Love which went Top 40 on Billboard Hot 100, and Was It Nothing At All, which went Top 20 Billboard and spent two weeks at No.5 on Radio and Records Adult Contemporary Chart of 1990. It also earned Damian the BMI Songwriter's Award.

Warp Drive - Something To Believe In 2010 (Melodic Rock) USA


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Partland Brothers - Electric Honey 1986 (AOR) Canada

Cool midwest style AOR, brother duo similar to Refugee, Glass Tiger and Boulevard!.Produced by Jim Vallance

Patriarch - First Hand 1983 (Pomp Rock) USA

Very rare vinyl ep by a band very Kansas sounding... from Kansas. The musicianship is excellent, and so is the production, but you are unlikely to ever find a copy! If you get a chance: check out a bunch of their demo tracks. They are even better, and in a more pompous Aor vein, dispensing with the violin, and shaking off the obvious Kansas references, to give them their own sound and style.

Stiletto - St. 1992 (Hard Rock) Canada

Recorded and produced at Paul Gross (Saga) Phase 1 studios, one of a number of bands using the moniker of "Stiletto", this is the only one that consists of all females. The music is good hard rock with a little funk thrown in the mix, stirred up by some great vocals from Carole Couture.
Carole seems to be the only ex band member still working as a vocalist (mostly backing) where she also has added the extra name of Olivieri. (related to Michael?) Also believed to front Heart tribute band "Barracuda".(aor-fm)

Hari Kari - Demo 1991 (Hard Rock) Canada

Like SKID ROW.. Rare Recommended!!! Sound Excellent!

Hyper - The Happy Bottom Riding Club 2000 (Melodic AOR) U.S.A

Once your past the first two tracks, fasten your seatbelts for smokin' hot, catchy hooks with a superb production, clean vocals and sharp guitar work. Imagine a mix of FIREHOUSE, KINGSUITE and GREY C ALLEN and you get the idea what HYPER is like. (Delbert)

Fatal Attraction - End of Regulation Time 1996 (AOR) Suecia

Great Swedish Aor/West Coast with a slight progressive influence. For fans of Toto, Asia and Saga.

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Redrum - No Turning Back 2007 (Melodic Hard Rock) Grecia

Great Greek melodic rock band right out of the book of Jaded Heart, Bonfire and Frontline. Does the fact that Michael Bormann is lead vocalist, have anything to do with it?
Great Greek melodic rock band right out of the book of Jaded Heart, Bonfire and Frontline. Does the fact that Michael Bormann is lead vocalist, have anything to do with it?

A´la Rock - Indulge 1990 (Hard Rock) U.S.A.

David Rock Feinstein guitar/Bob Cat Catalano guitar/Joe Whiting vocals, all saxes/Damien Torrey bass/Dave Salce drums/David Bordonaro bass and sax/Mickey Lee Soule keyboards

AL - I Still Rock 2008 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Italia

Andy Kelli - The Big Bang 1994 (Melodic Metal) U.S.A.

Andy Kelli vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar/Timm Myers drums, backing vocals/Bob Healey bass, backing vocals

Renegade - Mean Streets "EP" 1989 (Melodic Rock)

A side: Do It / B side: Mean Streets

Beatifull Rareza...Thank You Fahlis.Anyone know the country of this band?

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Motherlode - The Sanctuary 1986 (CCM Melodic Rock) Suecia

Motherlode is a talented secular melodic hard rock band that came out of Sweden in the mid-eighties with a Christian lead vocalist in Sonny Larsson. And while the bands 1986 Active Music debut The Sanctuary is by no means a Christian album, the lyrics to many of its tracks directly reflect the influence of Larsson's faith. Larsson proves a classic tenor in the truest sense of the word, displaying jaw dropping unlimited range in putting forth a performance ranking him with the likes of Rob Rock (Impellitteri) and Lance King (Pyramaze, Balance Of Power). Tom Nilsson does a terrific job contributing the albums stylish blues influenced lead guitar work. Martin Hedberg is as fine a drummer as I have heard, while bassist Peter Rundstrom makes his presence felt on each track. Keyboardist Mark Stanway (Magnum) accentuates the bands sound without unnecessarily dominating it.(

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Remington - Hot City Night 1986 (Melodic Rock) USA

New york based, melodic hard rock band, who's bassist Pete Ruello would go onto slightly better things with Bone Machine,Without Love (with ex Tour De Force, Chali Cayte) and Pyn Siren.

Torme - Die Pretty Die Young 1987 (Sleaze Glam) UK

I like this guy, very good guitar player. I liked him when he played with GILLAN (FUTURE SHOCK IS A KILLER ALBUM), live with OZZY OSBOURNE after the death of RANDY RHOADS, and the proyect with DEE SNIDER, DESPERADOS. Together with GARY MOORE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, VINNIE VINCENT, TONY MACALPINE and ALEX MASI one of the best guitarists. (Rene)

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Andy Baum & The Trix - Extra Feathers 1991 (AOR) Austria

Great AOR!! singer from Austria!

Andy Baum - Vocals, Guitar/Helmut Bibl - Guitars/Polio Brezina - Keyboards, Vocals/Oliver Gattringer - Drums, Vocals/Lukas Filz - Bass

1. What Love Can Do/2. Jungle Of Love/3. The Dictionaries Of The Pope/4. Falling For Love/5. Day & Night/6. Dont Betray Yourself/7. Bye Bye/8. Cant Be Waiting/9. She Felt So Lonesome/10. Mama Come Home/11. Home Again/12. Good Good Good



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Skin Deep - On The Rampage 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock) Alemania

RARE and excellent Melodic Rock from Germany
Like Fair Warning * Casanova * Boysvoice * Roko * Bangalore Choir

Olie From Hagen Voice/Rainer Nestle Guitar/Higgins Hochmann Keyboards/Armin Mcfly Guitar/Uli Braun Bass/Charlie Burzler Drums
Additional Musicians : Paul Harriman Backing Vocals/Catrin Haug Backing Vocals/Happy Day Singers Backing Vocals/Chris Weller Programming/Frank Rossler Programming

1. Youth Gone Wild /2. Get Ready /3. Run To You /4. You Are The One /5. I'm Waiting /6. Lonely Hearts /7. Love Is A Matter Of Luck /8. Never Let Me Go /9. What A Nightmare /10. Why /11. Tonight


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Chains - St. 2007 & You Can Never Break The Chains 2008 (Melodic Hard Rock) Suecia

Chains is a Swedish melodic hardrock band formed in 2007 in Malmö were they are still located. Members are Anthony Rascal (vocals), Gabby Force (guitar), Matt Haze (bass) and Martin Rhyder (drums). Mainly influenced by hardrock and metal acts from the 80’s up to today, Chains have already created a name as one of the most promising upcoming bands of the new Swedish rockscene and have caught major attention with apperances on..

Chains - St. 2007 / You Can Never Break The Chains 2008


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Radioux City - Demos! 87/89 (Melodic Rock) USA

Very interesting, and good, set of demos, which had ex White Sister vocalists and keyboard player, Garri Brandon.

Band Members : Garri Brandon - Vocals/John Perez - Lead and Rhythm guitars/Sammy Brown - Rhythm Guitar/Pete Kneser - Drums


martes, 9 de febrero de 2010

Chyld - Saints & Sinners 1995 (Melodic Hard Rock) UK

Decent band pleasantly surprising for fans of Heavy Pettin. This really is not something Steve 'Hami' Hayman - Lead Vocals, Michael Hough - Guitars, Bass, John Harwell - Drums, David Lee - Backing Vocals.

1. Alive and Kickin' 3:59/2. Rainin' in My Heart 5:32/3. Take These Wings 3:43/4. Sacred Ground 4:10/5. Blame It On Love 5:55/6. Ride Like the Wind 5:09/7. What She Needed Most 3:43/8. Lay Your Guns Down 3:45/9. Say a Prayer 4:43/10. Waitin' For You 3:54


lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Jay Parmar - Strange Day 2005 (Instrumental Melodic Rock) UK

Influenced by acclaimed guitar players such as George Lynch, Steve Vai and Steve Stevens, Jay's playing is reflective of the 80s, but incorporates exotic, eastern and modern sounds to create his own unique blend of instrumental rock. Guitar maestro Jay Parmar combines elements of 80's virtuoso playing with exotic, eastern and modern sounds, passion, finesse and fire to create his own hellacious blend of instrumental rock.


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Vishusgruv - Dirty Little Secrets 2009 (Melodic Rock) USA

The history of Vishusgruv, at least for founding member Mario Massi, is a painful one. Without going into too much detail, during their short stay at Red Light, things did not go well, the band were dropped, and lawsuits were involved.But to say Vishusgruv were quality is an understatement, as the guys in their shortened career supported bands like Nightranger, Guess Who and Spirit.We are actually very lucky a 2nd album was ever recorded at all, but thats what happens when you have your own studio, and go it alone. But with continuing legal shenanigans, “II” remained unreleased, until this year (2009), where Aor-fm, managed to convince Mario to get this gem of an album out to the masses.(aor/fm)

Mario Massi - guitars, keyboards, vocal - Trace Edward Zabar - Keyboards,vocals/lead vocals - Jeff Dewbray - Lead vocals - C.J. White - Bass, vocals - Johnny Zek - Percussion, vocals.

1. Destiny/2. Dirty little secret/3. Poison kisses/4. Heart of stone/5. Missing you/6. Ready for the passion/7. Angel/8. karma/9. Dreamer-Victim of the system


Steve Thomson - Everyone Loves A Winner 1990 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Suiza

Like Stan Bush/Glen Burtnick/Jimmy Barnes/Robert Tepper

1. Walk Like A Man/2. Everyone Loves A Winner/3. Blazing Heart/4. All Through The Night/5. All That I Ask/6. Dream On/7. Hot Cherie/8. Give It Up/9. Time Will Tell/10. Take Me Back/11. I'll Take My Chances


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Noyz - St. 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) USA

Interesting band.Jason Loud vocals/Tommy Lee Davis guitar/Karl Heinz bass, keyboards/Steve Loud drums

01 Texas Prelude/02 Texas Ranger/03 Made it By Rock 'N Roll/04 - Bombs Blast/05 Deep in Rock'n Roll/06 Eyes/07 Ms. Meantreater/08 Vermin 'R' Out/09 Oh' Darlin/10 The Butcher/11 Zion


lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Dewey - St. 1994 (Melodic Rock) USA

...To Corious,Decent Melodic Rock & Touches A.O.R.

Dewey Vocals/Kevin Valentine Drums/Mike McLaughlin Guitars/Robert Sims Bass/Zack Kirkorian Keyboards

1.Hangin On A Tear /2.Pain (I'm Afraid)/3.Not Pretending/4.Hold On/5.Shadow Dancin


Beau Geste - St. 1982 (AOR) Canada

Typical good, solid Canadian AOR from the time. Not as good as 'Another Night In The City' from '86. The French language may put a few people off getting this but musically it hits all the right spots and is well worth tracking down if early Canadian AOR is your Thang. (Jez)

Asher Fisher drums, percussion/Bryan Hughes guitar/Roddy McManus keyboards/Nick Prigino vocals, bass/Rickey Rice guitar

1.Je T'Aime/2.C'Est Comme Ca/3.Si Tu L'Aimes/4.Toute La Nuit/5.Money Money/6.Oh! Milady/7.Ma Chance Va Tourner/8.Attends-Moi/9.Love Dream/10.Reviens