jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Paradize - She´s Breaking My Heart Again "EP" 1990 (AOR) Suecia

Promising Swedish melodic hard rock quartet, who had songwriting talent, as well as musicianship and some great vocal harmonies. Sadly, the lead vocals were not the best, which was a real shame because these guys had something.Another rare vinyl single for you to search out...(aor-fm)

L.J Roger - Lead vocals, guitars/F.Sunny - Lead guitar/Fred Fuze - Bass/U.Jensen - Drums

1. Shes Breaking My Heart Again
2. I Can Hear You Whisper My Name

Link / Kissmar

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  1. Hello Hello Hello,
    this is Hiroshi writing from Tokyo Japan...
    So, this tme, I have a favor to ask of you.
    It would be grateful if you can help me uploading some of the following albums...

    1. Liberty Brothers / Love Lasts forever(not correct???)
    featuring early Michael Thompson(G) & lots of big mellotron sound!!!
    This one is his first recording band I think...maybe.

    2. Highwind / Highwind
    featuring Rick Fox of Jagwire, Sin

    3. Kirby / Composition
    featuring John Cook of Kestrel & Ian Paice(Deep Purple)

    I'm really waiting for a prompt good news from you very soon!!!

    Thanks in advance.
    All the best.

    (I'm a huge fan of New England!!)