sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Ozz - No Prisoners 1980 (Melodic Rock) USA

Okay, so we have a slightly dodgy album cover here, but what lies beneath is a truly excellent hard edged melodic rock album, with a sniff of Pomp, and a wee dash of funk.
Since what we essentially have here is a duo, both are stars in there own right with at times Plantesque vocals of Angel, and the finger-burning fret work of Parker, giving a dual attack on the ears, and the pleasure centre of the brain.
Apparently this was released on CD in Germany on Line Records, the same label which brought us Eleven Bloody Men (aka Hyts), back in the mid 90's.
I can only urge you to go out and by this album on any available format, as I can assure you thereafter, it will be a regular visitor to your sound system.

Alexis T. Angel - Lead & b/vocals & Gregg Parker - All guitars & b/vocals

1. Sail On/2. Ain't No Money/3. Givin' Up On Love/4. Sister Madness/5. Checkin' It Out/6. Baby Don't You Cry/7. Hungry Love/8. Dreams/9. Lonely Rider/10. Just Got Back

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  1. Hola kissmar puedes consegir el disco Footloose 1980 del primer grupo de Tim Feehan gracias