jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Oz Knozz - 10,000 Days & Nights (Melodic Pomp Rock) USA

Houston, Texas, based pomp rock band, who's origins go right back to 1969. Thats right 69, and having supported the likes of Supertramp, Kansas, Judas Priest, and releasing and album in 1975 ("Rough Mix"), I'm only getting to hear this fantastic band in 2008.
Better late than never, I guess.
In truth debut "Rough Mix" doesn't offer anything to the Aor fan, as its mostly Zep influenced hard rock, and progressive rock in its true sense.
However "Nights" is a different story. This album mixes the prog elements of Presto Ballet and Kansas, with the pomp and melody of Le Roux and say Sugarcreek, delivering a great album, accessible to aor and prog fans alike.
The problem i now have is, which track to I offer up as a sample?
This is a fantastic album folks, and contender for my album of the year!. (aor-fm)

Milton De Coronado - Lead Vocals, Keyboards/Duane Massey - Keyboards, Lead & B/Vocals/Robert Guinea - Guitars, B/Vocals/Bill Massey - Bass/Marty Naul - Drums, B/Vocals

01 Telephone/02 Hear What I'm Saying/03 You Can't Win/04 Graven Image/05 Hi Fi/06 Midnight Mambo/07 Who's The Hero/08 SM Woman

Listen!.. http://www.aor-fm.com/bands/1884_OZ_KNOZZ.aspx
Link / Kissmar

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