martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Outta The Blue - St. 1987 (Melodic Rock) USA

Cleveland, Ohio, melodic hard rockers, who had an occasional poppy edge ala Cheap Trick. This makes sense as the two Szuter brothers would form pop rockers, The Szuters" releasing two or three albums, and garnering a large fan base in Japan.
This is where it began...

C.J. Szuter: Vocals & Guitar /Mike Szuter: Guitar & Vocals /Michael Heino: Bass /Dave Scheib: Percussion & Drums/Jeff Johnston: Guitars, vocals, keys

1. Tonight/2. Only she knows/3. The power/4. Never known love/5. Holdin on/6. Makin tracks/7. Waitin for the storm/8. Within a song/9. Now your gone/10. Whaddya want

Link /Kissmar

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