sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

Steel Panther - Feel The Steel 2010 (Melodic Hard Rock/Glam) USA


1. Death To All But Metal /2. Asian Hooker /3. Community Property /4. Eyes Of A Panther /5. Fat Girl /6. Eatin' Ain't Cheatin' /7. Party All Day /8. Turn Out The Lights /9. Stripper Girl /10. The Shocker /11. Girl From Oklahoma /12. Hell's On Fire /13. I Want Your Pussy/14. I Want Your Tits/15. Sexy Santa/16. Don't Stop Believin'/17. Fantasy



lunes, 25 de enero de 2010

State of Rock - A Point Of Destiny 2010 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Four years after the last FRONTLINE studio album „Circles“, time was ripe for STATE OF ROCK, the new band around FRONTLINE guitarist Robby Böbel. “Hutch” Bauer and Rami Ali, two old FRONTLINE comrades, jumped on board, so the only question left open was who could take the place behind the microphone. That was when label boss Georg Siegl pulled the strings and got in contact with Tony Mills (SHY/TNT)... ..Their debut album, „A Point Of Destiny”, follows the slogan “75 % FRONTLINE + 25 % SHY = 100 % !! (metal heaven)

The band is: vocals: Tony Mills/guitars: Robby Böbel/bass: Hutch Bauer/drums: Rami Ali.

01. Black & Blue, /02. Without My Love, /03. Heartless Dreamer, /04. Dont Make Me Cry, /05. Hanging In The Balance, /06. Freedom, /07. Count Me Out, /08. A Point Of Destiny, /09. Friction, /10. Somewhere


sábado, 23 de enero de 2010

Giant - Promise Land 2010 (Melodic Rock) USA

Let buy this one!.. is excellent!!
Terry Brock vocals/John Roth guitars/Mike Brignardello bass/David L. Huff drums/Dann Huff lead guitars on "Believer (Redux)" and "Save Me"/Tim Lauer additional keyboards/Jack Holder additional keyboards


miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

John Philip - Wait For The Night 1987 (AOR) USA

Similar Russ Ballard,Cheap Trick,rare.. great AOR.

Don Nossov - Guitar (Bass)/Tyana Parr - Vocals (Background)/Gerardo Velez - Percussion/John Kurzweg - Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Producer, Fretless Bass, Vocals, Guitar (Electric), Arranger, Percussion/Perry Nelson & Buddy Love - Drums/Charlie Giordano - Keyboards/John Philip - Main Performer/Dana Cornock - Producer.


martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Witness - St. 1988/1995 "White 6 Bonus Tracks" ( Melodic Rock) USA

A lot of controversy surrounding this band and who played what, and where?! Did Damon Johnson actually play on the album or was it all Neal Schon and Brad Gillis.Same goes for bassist Eddie Usher.But do you really care? The end result was, and still is, one of the best female fronted melodic rock albums ever to grace the planet (personally I'd go for the Saraya debut myself). Many songwriting credits to the likes of Michael Bolton, Martin Briley, Desmond Child, Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora. In fact those last three, penned the cut "You're not my lover" originally covered by Swedens, Dalton.But I am mystified as to why nobody ever mentions Scotlands blues rocker Frankie Miller, since he did in fact write "Do it till we drop" which was originally released by himself on his excellent 1986 album "Dancing In The Rain". Record now straight!.(aor/fm)

"¡¡White 6 Bonus Tracks!!"

Debbie Davis - vocals/Joey Huffman - keyboards, guitars/Eddie Boyd - drums/Damon Johnson - guitars/Eddie Usher - bass

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domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Tim Feehan/Footloose - Footloose 1980 (West Coast) Canada

Footloose - St (Tim Feehan 1st band) "Japan Edition" 1980
Musicians on the Sneak Preview album: Tim Feehan, Terry Medd, Curt Smith, George Goodall, Dwayne Feland, Trevor Dunn, Doug Jenson. Ted Baroweick, Rick Erickson, Brian Feland, P.J. Perry & Brenda Jackson.More Info..here

Leaving For Maui, Just Enough Love, Dancin' Feelin', I'll Take Some Time, Put On The Dog, Time Is Right, Jamie, Line-Ups & Thanks I Needed That.

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Thx Aormusic

Lance Keltner - St. 1992 (AOR) USA

Like Mitch Malloy or Mark Spiro....GET THIS!!!! Excellent AOR!!!!

Kevin Pearson drums, percussion, backing vocals/Cole Hanson guitar, backing vocals/David/Lucas bass, keyboards, backing vocals/Lance Keltner lead vocals, guitars/Richard Goziner - bass/David Furst - keyboards/William Harrington - piano
JACK PONTI - produced a co-writen 2 track ( I'm a dangerous & Shelter )

1. Light a Candle 4:39/2. War With Myself 3:44/3. Anadarko (Bury My Heart in the Ground) 5:41/4. Call of the Wild 4:29/5. Bad Boy 4:14/6. I'm Dangerous 5:11/7. The Party's Over 4:59/8. Shelter 4:10/9. If You Really Love Me 5:47/10. Do You Know What I Mean 3:56/11. Shoot-Shoot 4:01/12. Let's Go Bowling and Drink Some Beer 4:49

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sábado, 16 de enero de 2010

Tatto - Kings of the White Trash Neighborhood 1993 (Hard Rock) USA

Hard to get!,thank you N.Master.Thanks to all who share many.Info.. http://www.myspace.com/tattootheband

Gary Stewart - Vocals/Glenn Miller - Guitar, Vocals/Joe Minor - Guitar, Vocals/Dave Injeski - Bass, Vocals/Tommy 'Gunn' Salzburg - Drums, Vocals (Legend (USA), Bad Medicine)

1.The Fixer/2. Price Is Right/3.Dangerous Side/4.Hands On Experience/5.Two Wrongs/6.Hat/7.Yo Spida/8.King Of The White Trash Neighborhood

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Ozz - No Prisoners 1980 (Melodic Rock) USA

Okay, so we have a slightly dodgy album cover here, but what lies beneath is a truly excellent hard edged melodic rock album, with a sniff of Pomp, and a wee dash of funk.
Since what we essentially have here is a duo, both are stars in there own right with at times Plantesque vocals of Angel, and the finger-burning fret work of Parker, giving a dual attack on the ears, and the pleasure centre of the brain.
Apparently this was released on CD in Germany on Line Records, the same label which brought us Eleven Bloody Men (aka Hyts), back in the mid 90's.
I can only urge you to go out and by this album on any available format, as I can assure you thereafter, it will be a regular visitor to your sound system.

Alexis T. Angel - Lead & b/vocals & Gregg Parker - All guitars & b/vocals

1. Sail On/2. Ain't No Money/3. Givin' Up On Love/4. Sister Madness/5. Checkin' It Out/6. Baby Don't You Cry/7. Hungry Love/8. Dreams/9. Lonely Rider/10. Just Got Back

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Michael Morales - Unreleased Tracks 199? (AOR) USA

Rare rare stuff from Michael Moraless / Michael Morales lead vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards

01 - Sound/02 - I Die For You/03 - Goodbye To Barbara/04 - Bigger Than Life/05 - Bleed Again/06 - Wake Up Little Suzy/07 - Corey ( Jap Bonus)

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viernes, 15 de enero de 2010

Mendes Prey - Wonderland 7'' 1986 (Melodic AOR) UK

MENDES PREY were a five piece NWOBHM era Hard Rock band formed in Castleford, Yorkshire in 1981 by ex-VARDIS bassist Tony Boulton.

John "Jih" Seymour - Vocals/Mark Sutcliffe - Guitars (SERLE)/Tony Boulton - Bass (VARDIS)/Martin Brough - Drums

01. Wonderland
02. Can You Believe It?

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jueves, 14 de enero de 2010

Oz Knozz - 10,000 Days & Nights (Melodic Pomp Rock) USA

Houston, Texas, based pomp rock band, who's origins go right back to 1969. Thats right 69, and having supported the likes of Supertramp, Kansas, Judas Priest, and releasing and album in 1975 ("Rough Mix"), I'm only getting to hear this fantastic band in 2008.
Better late than never, I guess.
In truth debut "Rough Mix" doesn't offer anything to the Aor fan, as its mostly Zep influenced hard rock, and progressive rock in its true sense.
However "Nights" is a different story. This album mixes the prog elements of Presto Ballet and Kansas, with the pomp and melody of Le Roux and say Sugarcreek, delivering a great album, accessible to aor and prog fans alike.
The problem i now have is, which track to I offer up as a sample?
This is a fantastic album folks, and contender for my album of the year!. (aor-fm)

Milton De Coronado - Lead Vocals, Keyboards/Duane Massey - Keyboards, Lead & B/Vocals/Robert Guinea - Guitars, B/Vocals/Bill Massey - Bass/Marty Naul - Drums, B/Vocals

01 Telephone/02 Hear What I'm Saying/03 You Can't Win/04 Graven Image/05 Hi Fi/06 Midnight Mambo/07 Who's The Hero/08 SM Woman

Listen!.. http://www.aor-fm.com/bands/1884_OZ_KNOZZ.aspx
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miércoles, 13 de enero de 2010

Tim Feehan - Sneak Preview 1981 (West Coast) Canada

Feehan's first band was Footloose, which recorded a Top-10 Canadian hit single "Leaving for Maui" in 1980.With Foster at the helm, Feehan recorded another single "Read Between the Lines" featuring Toto's Steve Lukather on guitar.Feehan also became the lead vocalist for Foster's world tour of 1987, when Chicago vocalist Peter Cetera was not available.Towards the end of the 1980s, his work on soundtracks would continue, including writing a track called "Dirty Love" for the soundtrack to the 1989 James Bond film Licence To Kill, and working with Foster on his soundtrack for Stealing Home. He would release his fourth solo album, Full Contact in 1990 featuring a number of L.A.-area musicians, including Richard Marx.

Backseat-Backbeat, Go Ahead And Break My Heart, Sneak Preview, Nightspin, Don´t Be Shy, Friday Night, Give Us Your Name, Up-Turned-Down-And Around & Try Harder.

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Aka Lance - Carousel 1996 (AOR) USA

Ex Eyes of Wise Lance Mathew,segundo album no tan ganchero y pomposo como su debut While The Giant Sleeps.Igualmente no defrauda.

Lance Matthew - lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards/Stick Schiff - bass, drums/John Snider - drums

01. Gave To You/02. Carousel/03. Savior/04. In Your Eyes/05. Oh Yeah - Oh No/06. Never Surrender/07. Feel It In The Air/08. Break Down The Silence/09. True By You/10. Breathe Again

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martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Outta The Blue - St. 1987 (Melodic Rock) USA

Cleveland, Ohio, melodic hard rockers, who had an occasional poppy edge ala Cheap Trick. This makes sense as the two Szuter brothers would form pop rockers, The Szuters" releasing two or three albums, and garnering a large fan base in Japan.
This is where it began...

C.J. Szuter: Vocals & Guitar /Mike Szuter: Guitar & Vocals /Michael Heino: Bass /Dave Scheib: Percussion & Drums/Jeff Johnston: Guitars, vocals, keys

1. Tonight/2. Only she knows/3. The power/4. Never known love/5. Holdin on/6. Makin tracks/7. Waitin for the storm/8. Within a song/9. Now your gone/10. Whaddya want

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lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Phase 4 - Game Of Love 1994 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Rare album by band out of Massenbachhausen, Germany.Limited release of 500 copies only.
For fans of Casanova.(aor-fm)

Alex Schilling - Vocals/Bodo Neumeister - Guitar/Bernd Giesinger - Guitar/Walter Rumould - Bass/Thomas Giesinger - Drums

1.Game Of Love /2.Fly Away /3.Ride On /4.Sorry /5.Babe /6.What Was It For /7.Take Me Home /8.Get Over Her /9.Waiting For The Nighttrain /10.Paradise /11.Ticket To Ride

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jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Paradize - She´s Breaking My Heart Again "EP" 1990 (AOR) Suecia

Promising Swedish melodic hard rock quartet, who had songwriting talent, as well as musicianship and some great vocal harmonies. Sadly, the lead vocals were not the best, which was a real shame because these guys had something.Another rare vinyl single for you to search out...(aor-fm)

L.J Roger - Lead vocals, guitars/F.Sunny - Lead guitar/Fred Fuze - Bass/U.Jensen - Drums

1. Shes Breaking My Heart Again
2. I Can Hear You Whisper My Name

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sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

Lapointe - Tie You Up 1990 (Melodic Rock/AOR!)

Since the young age of 13, Canadian musician/singer/songwriter Roger Lapointe has been involved in music in one form or another. In the mid 80’s while completing a B.S. Degree at Freed Hardeman College in Henderson Tennessee, Roger fronted a recording act called Non Stop which later changed their name to Sahara. The band had some local success with songs such as “Hearts on the Line” and “Stay with Me”... more info HERE

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