domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

Heartland - Bridge of Fools 1997 (Aor)

1. Tomorrow Won't Wait
2. Castles in the Sand
3. Where the Pieces Fall
4. I Will Wait for You
5. Elena
6. Front Page News
7. Only a Heartbeat Away
8. Not Till Heaven Falls
9. Hardworking Man
10. Feels Like Magic
11. Still Got My Feet on the Ground
12. Don't Let the Fire Down

sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Illusion - I Like It Loud 1986 (Hard Rock)

1. I Like It Loud
2. Heartbeat (The Call)
3. Call In The Law
4. Heart Attack
5. I Can't Wait
6. Call Me Up
7. Shake
8. Red Light
9. Get To You
10. Lifetime

Mona Lisa - St. 1983 (Pomp Rock) USA

This is what is all about folks! You collectors of private label rock/pomp bands will bites lumps out of each other to acquire copies of bands releases like Mona Lisa. Why?! Because their classics? No,of course not. Mona Lisa play what some might consider cheesy melodic rock, in a rural, backyard kinda way, and will never ever be considered a classic, or come even close. But Jeeze O! it certainly does ooze a certain whimsical, olde worlde charm that I for one can't fail to find endearing. This album is a very rare 6 track vinyl ep, and nearly never turns up, and I have been waiting nearly 15 years just to hear a copy, and even then it had to be a friends (cheers Willy!).Theres nothing more to say really, except, check out the track, and buy a new pair of walking boots!

Pastor Brad - Break Out! 2010 (CCM/Hair Metal)

Imagine Iron Maiden, KISS, AC/DC and Van Halen all fell into a Christian blender and came out playing God-honoring heavy music.Ty Darktawcher.
Info HERE!

Villan - St 1993 (Hard Rock) USA

Good HardRock/Metal Album, "Xtra, Xtra" is a very Skid Row-ish song, i´d consider to "Take" as the only metal song here, strong choruses.. It´s rare but nothing is impossible to find nowadays, cheers.(Juan Carlos)

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Biloxi - Right The Music 2003 (Hard Rock)

1. Out on the Streets
2. Listen
3. Lay
4. Ocean
5. Far from Home
6. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
7. Someone
8. Do Ya?
9. Vampire
10. Diggin' Up Bones
11. Starting Over

Intense - Visions 1993 (Melodic Rock) USA

This is sort of House of Lords meets XYZ. Very cool...I like the song Masquerade the best! (ChrisSlade)
This band is awesome and features some very catchy, melodic AOR/hard rock. Their sound reminds me of bands like BILOXI, INTUITION and TALOR MADE. Top notch singing, guitars and production make this CD a very pleasant listening experience in my book. (Delbert)

D.A.D. - Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust 1995 (Hard Rock/Glam)

Info Here

Exizt - Giants Of Yore 1994 (Hard Rock) Iceland


martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Darlin's Darlin' - Moon 1991 (AOR) Japan

Japanese Group Just Great, Good Keys.English AOR songs, mind blowing killer song like a mix of Zinatra and early Fate.

lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

RainLord - Ignitor 1998 (Hard Rock) USA

RainLord is a Florida-based band that played Melodic Hard Rock very proficiently. One gets the feeling they could just pick up their instruments and start playing, and it would always sound just like it does here. All of the players will catch your attention at times. This indie release from 1998 appears to be the only document of their existence; very little information is available about this band other than the CD liner notes. All of the material is quite good, the production is solid (although a good producer might have shaved a couple of tracks, as it is a bit long), and the sound is very good, especially in light of the indie feeling. Definitely worthwhile.Ty Fogkhat.

domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

Alsace Lorraine (Pre-Saraya) - Demos 82/89 (Melodic Rock) USA

Formados en New Jersey el vocalista Sandi Saraya y Gregg Munier Forman Alsace Lorraine,luego se llamarian Saraya,entre sus filas paso Tony Rey Bruno ex Danger Danger..

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Heartland - 3 1995 (AOR) UK


Frozen Rose - Demos 1991 (Melodic Rock)

Marshall Watkins goes on to comment "This was the first song we worked on as a band, Mike Hancock played drums on the demo version, Dave Vanhoy on this version.....Brad Dutton perfected it later on live. Mike wrote the lyrics, Arick had the the basic guitar riff and Marshall did a little arranging. Recorded at Rare Earth Studios in Harrisburg Il in 1991........"
Then, I found this page., which tells a lot more of the story:

martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Riggs - St 1982 (Aor/Hard Rock)

01.Ready or not,02.One night affairs,03.Over and over,04.Take it off,05.Wrinting on the wall,06.Depending on love,07.Girls on the loose,08.Christine,09.Don't walk away,10.Too strong,11.Heartbeat,12.Radar rider.

Teclados,riff gancheros y todo eso que nos gusta!!,un poco me recuerda Night Ranger de los 80's..

domingo, 5 de diciembre de 2010

Castle - St 1990 (Melodic Rock) USA

Good melodic hard rock band with a great vocalist who reminds me of Olaf Bilic (Falcon/House of Spirits).These guys mix and match musical styles, all very subtle and you hardly notice as elements of pomp, symphonic crash head on with tough hard rock/near metal, and all this punctuated by some fantastic guitarwork! Details of who plays what are non existent but the vocals do sound shared. Thoroughly recommended! ...and very very rare!

Cast Of Shadows - Face The Time 1993 (AOR!) USA

Recorded at Robert Berrys, Soundtek Studio and mastered at the famous Fantasy Studios, Cast Of Shadows were a fine Melodic Aor trio made up of Andrew DeFaria, Mike Fraser, and Scott Dinn (The Paul Godfrey Band). On first play you realise this band had something special with the occasional song reeling you on a sublime hook. And then you play it again and... bang! it all fits into place like a jigsaw for the aurally impaired. A fine mixture of mid 80's Aor/Pomp with some symphonic touches that reek of Asia, Enchant and Rush at their most melodic. Andrew De Faria would like to thank sound engineer, the late Mike Wible (Hush, Robert Berry Band).

Catalyst - Paradise 1990 (Hard Rock) USA

Good melodic hard rock band who released one, rare album back in 1990. Italian "label" Timewarp, reissued it in 2006, and it was a cdr album, with cheap artwork, which does give the impression that it might be a bootleg.
Lyrically, they do sound as though they were a Christian band. Musically, its quite catchy melodic hard rock, with the occasional excursion into aor, with some nice keys, and fiery guitarwork, all making this a good capture, for the private melodic rock fan.

Carrie - At Night (You're Stealin' My Heart) EP 1985 (Pomp Rock) Sweden

Excellent American sounding, pomp rock band from Sweden, who released this rare single only. For fans of Le Roux and Roadmaster.

Captive Heart - Home Of The Brave 1996 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

Very good Chicago band with a vocalist much in the style of James Christian.The music is US style melodic aor ala Drive She Said with hints of House of Lords and Storming Heaven.Jim Peterik also lent his extensive songwriting skills to some of the fabulous tunes.

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Phoenix - Say Goodbye (EP) 1992 (Melodic Hard Rock) Sweden

"Say Goodbye" is a great, and rare ep by Swedish band from Malmo. If there was a weak point it was the vocals, which means, since there are two, both share the honour. Sadly, it seems that one of the singers Francisco Lundberg died around the time of this albums release, as it is dedicated to his memory.
The music had an American slant ala Dokken, with some neo classical moves of Malmsteen, and even the occasional pomp keyboard run.
Track 2, "Wing Of Fire" is an instrumental, allowing guitarist Kenneth Vikland to show of his skills, which he does with great aplomb, making you wonder why you've never heard another note by him, though it does appear that he did perform on the "Guitar Heroes Of Sweden" CD.
NOTE* Racer Records, did release this ep along with Antix and Tzar as part of a 3 on 1 cd. Beware, this is believed to be a bootleg!

martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Michael Ruff - Speaking In Melodies 1993 (Westcoast)

Thanks U! Salmitch. @

Michael Ruff - Once In A Lifetime 1984 (Westcoast /AOR)

Michael Ruff is the kind of musical artist whom everyone likes to "discover" and turn their friends onto. A consumate singer, songwriter and keyboardist, Ruff shows off his finely-honed skills on his second American album, the appropriately-titled Speaking in Melodies on the Sheffield Lab label.
Michael Ruff's talent has during the past decade serving as the concert music director for Chaka Kahn, David Sanborn and Rickie Lee Jones; as band member with Lionel Ritchie, Brenda Russell, Karla Bonoff, Jose Feliciano, James Cotton, John Lee Hooker, Randy Vanwarmer, The Wynans, The Beckmeir Brothers and members of Rufus; and performer on-stage with Al Jarreau, Kal David, Gerald Albright and Michael Paulo.More Here. @

Purple Lake - 99' 1999 (AOR/Melodic Rock) Swiss

Very Good! RARE!!.Thank U! Heavy. @

Pierrot - Die Zeit Ist Reif 1995 (Hard Rock) Germany

Pierrots first release was only released on cassette. We know theres cds about, but sadly, if you have one, its a bootleg.
Second release was good, but sang in their native German. @

viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Thick As Thieves - Rock The House 1997 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Be on the lookout for "Rock the House," the debut release from Thick As Thieves. The band is described as hard edged and melodic. They are to be considered dangerously addictive and armed to the teeth with rock hard rhythms, searing vocals, blazing leads, and a heavy arsenal of killer tunes. They have stolen the attention of any and all who hear their new release. Approach with extreme caution! YOU MAY BE NEXT! This power trio from the Northeastern United States has turned out a "no holds barred" collection of "melodic hard rock" songs sure to steal it's way onto every radio play list around the world. John Hahn (guitars/backing vocals) .Thanks U Fogkhat42. @

jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Brett Williams & In Reach - Power & Promise - 1993 (CCM AOR) USA

Christian band produced by guitarist David Zaffiro (Bloodgood) - Hard to find!. @

Jarra - Test of Faith 2001 (Hard Rock) USA

Heavy powerful Metal infused with a variety of influences such as Judas Priest, Dio, Accept and Hellion. Jarra offers up some great Heavy Metal fronted by a powerful female vocalist who easily gets things done. Kathie Jarra's main influence is Ronnie James Dio and that shines through on songs like the scorching opener Eternal Love and Indian War Love Song. Musically the band is tight and Johnny Russion plays with feeling and intensity, nice for a change. The rhythm section of Diaz/Chaney is tight and anchors the band. Ballad wise is Always, All Ways and is reminscent of GN'R's Patience but with more edge. This is a well rounded Metal CD with a lot of drive, any Metal lover would be wise to check Jarra out. @

Big Left Turn - Dreamship 2000 (Melodic Rock AOR) USA

Very Good Melodic Rock,Very interesting!.Thanks Rockdoc. @

miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Subway - Light Of The Night 1993 (Melodic Rock) Germany

Pre Human Zoo (Tommy Strobel, Boris Matakovic) melodic rock band from Balingen, Germany. Peach Stockli was an ex member of Danger, who released a fine set of demos in 1990.Music is akin to a rawer Human Zoo. @

Sister Sky - Forgiven 1994 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Very rare cd album of Glam flavoured Hard Rock. @

Trash Broadway - Trash Broadway 1989 (Melodic Hard Rock/Metal) USA

This hard-hitting, New York-based rock/metal band showcases the major difference between the USA's West and East coast rockers; the West is glam, the East is slam. Sporting a thunderous rhythm section, razor-sharp guitars, and a lead vocalist that has all the swagger of David Lee Roth. It is the lead guitar of Mr. Joe Stump that pushes this hard into the edge of metal territory, but he is no mindless fretburner and fully realizes the importance of the songs. This ensures that all is melodic and, amazingly, there are even some AOR-worthy group vocals in some of the songs to prove the point.So, it is now time to introduce you to your (albeit long-gone) new favorite hard rock band... Trash Broadway.Highly recommended to all melodic rock/hard rock/metal fans... and even to the more adventurous AOR'sters out there (just think of it as "AOR, with teeth").TY Fogkhat42!. @

Buxx - Knickers Down "EP" 1982 (Hard Rock) USA

Good Pomp rock outfit from Rochester, New York, and not to be confused with pre Angel band, Bux. Keyboarder Martin Victor would go on to join Brighton Rock for their s/t ep release only. @

Scarecrow - St 1991 (Hard Rock) USA

Ex Keel (Bobby Marks), and pre Arabia band (Blaze, Marks, Jordan).
Debut was a good 80's influenced hard rock album, with "Madness" being a tad heavier, but nevertheless, still melodic, with a, at the time, more contemporary feel.As mentioned above, three members formed Arabia, which for all intents and purposes, was Scarecrow reinvented, as a 3rd of the Arabia tracks were taken from the Scarecrow debut.

Stephan Kaemmerer - Revolution 1998 (Melodic Rock) Unreleased

Frontline Singer..Recommended! @

Dancyr - In And Out 1991 (Hair Metal) USA

..i hear lots of Priest & Maiden in these tunes. Loud guitars, decent vocals, killer drums, & generally lots of metal chaos. Metal fans should seek this out & will find something to enjoy.Rare!! @

Rhett Forrester - Even The Score 1988 (Hard Rock)

Rhett Forrester (September 22, 1956, Tucker, Georgia – January 22, 1994, Atlanta, Georgia) was an American musician, the lead singer of New York-based band Riot from 1981 until 1984.
After Riot, he performed on Jack Starr's Out of the Darkness album (1984) and put out two solo releases: "Gone With the Wind" and "Even the Score". "Assume The Position", the most famous song of his solo albums, has got an explicit videoclip. @

martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Baltimoore - Original Sin 2001 (Hard Rock) USA

Experimental hard rock.Björn Lodin, vocals/guitar/bass - Eiron Johansson/Tomas Tornefjell, Drums - Weine Johansson/Jair -Rohm Parker/Joakim Larsson/Kjell Dahl, bass - Thomas Larsson/KurtLindbom/Zip, guitar - Villu Veski, saxophone
- Hans Röjås, violin - Lars Pollack, keyboard .More Info Here

Jimmy Martin And New Deal - You Got What You P(l)ay For! 1982/2009 (AOR) USA,Luxembourg

First time on CD! Jimmy Martins debut album from 1982, produced by Whisbone Ash Vocalist/Bass Player Martin Turner incl. the bonus track: Walk on fire. AOR vocalist JIMMY MARTIN was previously frontman for French Hard Rockers FISC. Music makes the world go round, was the sole thought of Jimmy Martin, when he moved from Luxembourg to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to become a professional musician. Just having arrived there, he quickly became a part of the local music scene and started playing in several bands. This was the beginning of Jimmys career, which has hugely developed not only as an artist, but also as a well known and respected composer and producer. After Jimmys arrival in the states, well known music lawyer Michael Shapiro soon discovered Jimmys talent and took him under his wing, introducing Jimmy to various respected songwriters and producers such as Grammy Award winner Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion). @

Jammin' - Playground 1993 (Hard Rock) Switzerland

Banda little known from Switzerland.Recommended!. @

Misty Rox - Nursery Crimes 1990 (Hair Metal) USA

This is some of the best metal music out there--once you get "Nursery Crymes" or "Prelude to War" in your head, they won't go away; and "Broken Hearts, Broken Roads" is a truly haunting ballad. I never saw them in person, but I have two home movies of Misty Rox, and their live performances--no matter the singer--are amazing. John's drum playing is top-notch, and the guitar work--Ron is truly one of the best, and a talented writer as well. If you can, grab this CD--it is well worth it. (lady)
Nursery Crymes was never put out on CD, it was on tape only and might have sold 200 copies. Rox never made big headlines or played in big places, only worked with bigger band Grimm Jack a few times and had some good connections. Rox shouldn't really be on this site with other big name acts because Rox never was much more than a bar band. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. I know because I was there.(mike) @