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Megaforce - Once In A Lifetime 1995 (Hard Rock Blusy) Switzerland

Very good bluesy hard rock from Switzerland. May have another album out there called "Social Disease". Fans of Krokus unite!Yup! here it is "Social Disease" is in fact a mini-cd released the year before the full album, comprising of 7 songs, and I have to say , of a better quality, particularly in the songwriting department. Catchy, Blues based melodic/hard rock.(AOR-FM)

Manfred Udry - Vocals, Guitar
Laurent Goetschmann - Guitar
Chris Krattinger - Bass
Hanspeter Waeber - Drums

1. Play The Game
2. Empty Words
3. Always Together
4. Loosen Up
5. Love Affair
6. Time To Cry
7. Everybody's Broke
8. Fear
9. Won't You Stay With Me
10. Master Of The Law
11. Maybe
12. Don't Leave Me
13. Next Generation

Link / Kissmar

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