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Max Carl - The Circle 1985 (AOR!!) U.S.A.

Max Carl has recorded two albums previously, but using his real surname Gronenthal. I'm not sure why he changed his name, but it didn't work as "Circle" flopped.
Not that its a bad album, though perhaps a little quirky at times, but a couple of standout tracks make it worthwhile, as do Max's dulcet tones.
One single was used from "Circle" and this was the excellent title track, which appeared in 80's teen movie Weird Science".
Max also performed a duet with Marcy Levy. The track was "Come And Follow Me", and it appeared in the closing credits for another 80's movie Short Circuit".
In 1985 Max also appeared as backing vocalist for Holland's one and only album "Little Monsters".
Then he joined 38 Special for two albums, the classic "Rock N Roll Strategy" and its follow-up "Bone Against Steel".
He was last seen with Grand Funk Railroad as part of the touring band.

1. Radical Prodigal
2. The Lion Kills The Sparrow
3. The Circle
4. A Cold Shot
5. Strategic Land (A Soldier's Song)
6. Night Train Roll
7. A Thousand Nights
8. Tell Me Where Your Sister's Hiding
9. Curves
10. Timing

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