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Surgin - Electric Nights/The Final Chapter 2003 (Melodic Rock/AOR) USA

1. Lightning Never Strikes /2. Crossfire /3. Dancing Your Life Away /4. Don't Say You Love Me /5. Heart of the Fire /6. No Looking Back /7. Other Side of Midnight /8. Secrets of the Heart /9. Somebody's Falling /10. Sticky Trigger /11. Waiting in the Shadows /12. Under Gypsy Moon /13. Electric Nights

..like Bon Jovi, Virginia Wolf, Mad Max.Great album with the magic of the '80s. Produccion and sound poor.

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Prosperous year 2010 for all!

See you soon!!

martes, 29 de diciembre de 2009

Steve Overland - Post FM Sessions 199? (Melodic Rock/AOR) UK

Steve Overland is a British singer. He was the lead vocalist and songwriter for the bands Wildlife, FM (British band), The Ladder (band) and May 2008 released solo album with his own outfit 'Overland' 2008 Escape Music.Overlands next major project was AOR/Hard melodic rock UK band FM whose initial Portrait issued album was called Indiscreet.

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lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Joey C Jones And The Glory Hounds - St. 1993 (Hard Rock/Sleaze) USA

Great album, cross between Slaughter, Poison and Enuff Znuff!

Joey C. Jones - vocals (Sweet Savage)/Adam Hamilton - drums (L.A. Guns, Needle Park, Tuff)/Les Farrington - keyboards/Christopher Torok - bass/Craig Bradford - guitar (Needle Park)

1. Hello /2. Wait All Night /3. Kiss the World /4. She Loves /5. The Role You Know So Well /6. All I Need to Know /7. Thinkin Bout You /8. Its Everywhere /9. Talk to Me /10. Broadway /11. How Much, How Soon /12. Castles in the Sky

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Hot Shot - Midnight Tube "EP" 1982 (AOR/Classic 80's) Germany

Male & Female Vocal's,of my discotheque Recommended!!

Side 1:
(Don't You Believe That ) I'm On Fire 3:38
Side 2:
Fire In The Night 3:30

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Trade Mark - Fatal Blues 1992/2002 (AOR) Grecia

The style fits somewhere between SURVIVOR and TYKETTO, and I can assure you that this CD is really awesome, as this band played pure AOR, with a fantastic instrumental back-up (a fantastic guitarist!) and a great lead singer. I never thought that there were such sensational Greek AOR bands!

Agelos Kalantzis (vocals)/Sotiris Fegitis (guitar)/Nick Lazakis (bass)/Christos Diakoumis (drums)

1. Too late/2. Burn the sky/3. Cold love/4. The fatal blues/5. The prison cell/6. Diggin my grave (Demo recording)/7. Should (Demo recording)/8. The escape (Demo recording)
¡/9. Tears in your eyes (Live)

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Buon Natale / メリークリスマス / С Рождеством / Joyeux Noël..
for the whole world! peace and love!

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Norden Light - Shadows From The Wilderness 1987 (Melodic Hard Rock) Noruega

Swedish melodic hard rock band, who had ex Silver Mountain ("Universe") vocalist Christer Mentzer. Good stuff, pretty catchy, and rocked with the best, with a tasteful use of keys, which always makes a difference (at least to me!).Drummer Michael Van Knorring, would later join Yngwie Malmsteen.(aor-fm)

Christer Mentzer - vocals/Johan Herlogsson - guitar/Peter Bodefjord - bass/Peter Jeansson - keyboards/Michael Van Knorring - drums

1. I Hurts
2. Shadows
3. Night Life
4. Aspen
5. Dancer
6. Save Me
7. Crossfire
8. No Escape
9. Legends
10. Daytime Loser

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domingo, 20 de diciembre de 2009

New Frontier - St. 1988 (AOR) U.S.A.

Class southern influenced melodic aor much akin to 38 Special circa "Rock n Roll Strategy" and Billy Satellite.In fact Monty Byrom was ex Billy Satellite! Opening cut "Under Fire" is a classic! Tommy Funderburk guests on back vocals.(aor-fm)

Monty Byrom - vocals, guitar/Glenn Letsch - bass/David Neuhauser - keyboards/Marc Nelson - drums.

1.Under Fire /2.American Dream /3.Love Is Stronger Than The Heart /4.Change For The Better /5.Standing In My Tears /6.Lonesome Blues /7.I Think About You /8.Motel Rain /9.Burning The Page /10.Riverboat Man

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jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

Loud & Clear - St. 1997 (Melodic Hard Rock) [Jap release] USA

Fans of high-quality melodic hard rock indies can't go wrong with this one. The band delivers in all departments: guitars, production, hooks, choruses, vocals, etc. This is clearly a CD that will be appreciated by just about any melodic hard rock lover. (Allen)

Jess Harnell lead and backing vocals - Chuck Duran all guitars, backing vocals - Mark Allardyce bass, backing vocals - Craig Shaw drums

1. Make It Loud
2. Love Waits
3. Hold On
4. I Wanna Rock With You
5. Rhythm and Booze
6. Ride Into the Moonlight
7. Waiting for the Roar
8. Ghosts of Summer
9. Baby Wants to Rock
10. Doesn't Anybody Fall in Love Anymore?
11. Goodbye Eyes
12. Candle in the Window
13 My Aim Is True (bonus track)

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lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Acacia Avenue - St. 2009 (Melodic Hard Rock) UK

Acacia Avenue is a new band led by Danish guitarist and songwriter Torben Enevoldsen (Section A, Fatal Force) in the melodic hard rock mold and features vocals from Tony Mills (TNT, Shy), Geir Rönning (Radioactive, Prisoner) and Torben Lysholm (Pangea, Mysterell) with drums by Thomas Heintzelmann (Section A, Decoy) and bass from Carsten Neumann (Savage Affair). Home to a clean punchy production, the album is rich in catchy vocal melodies and strong songs.
The style of the album is a blend of melodic hard rock and AOR. Torben spent most of 2008 writing new music with different people and some of the songs went in this direction. He then decided to pursue this particular style and ended up with around 20 songs and ultimately chose the best ones for what has become the debut Acacia Avenue album.

01. Don't Call Me Tonight
02. Hold On
03. An Illusion
04. Jamie's In Love
05. Can't Make You Stay
06. Mad Antenna
07. Wait No More
08. No Looking Back
09. Just Wanna Be With You
10. Let Go
11. Digging

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Thank You N.Master

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2009

Geronimo! - All The Best Fuckin' Shit 2003 (Hard Rock/Sleaze) 1988/2003

Wow, this is an absolute killer record, especially the live tracks are really rocking (1-14). In the line up are David M. Philips and Johnny Rod from King Kobra, Lizzy borden. This stuff reminds me of Dee Snider's Desperado or Chet Thompsons'Slamnation. You can download all the songs as mp3 from their website. It's so good i'm considering to buy the original cd.(zld)

01 - Medicine Man,02 - Road to ruin,03 - Pushin' time,04 - Freddie's dead,05 - Ghostrider ,06 - Woman in love,07 - Mr Jones ,09 - Wrap your love ,10 - One bad Mutha ,11 - My Bonita ,12 - Badland Bandits ,13 - One Night Stand ,14 - Liar ,15 - Laughing With The Sinners ,16 - Rock This House ,17 - Slam Dance ,18 - Bad Girl ,19 - BFA ,20 - I'm The One ,21 - Body Blow ,22 - Vacation ,23 - Tough Boy ,24 - Slam Dance.

Tommi Dean Lead Vocals;David M. Philips Guitar;Patrick K. Lee Bass;Johnny Rod Bass;John Sotelo Drums.

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sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Megaforce - Once In A Lifetime 1995 (Hard Rock Blusy) Switzerland

Very good bluesy hard rock from Switzerland. May have another album out there called "Social Disease". Fans of Krokus unite!Yup! here it is "Social Disease" is in fact a mini-cd released the year before the full album, comprising of 7 songs, and I have to say , of a better quality, particularly in the songwriting department. Catchy, Blues based melodic/hard rock.(AOR-FM)

Manfred Udry - Vocals, Guitar
Laurent Goetschmann - Guitar
Chris Krattinger - Bass
Hanspeter Waeber - Drums

1. Play The Game
2. Empty Words
3. Always Together
4. Loosen Up
5. Love Affair
6. Time To Cry
7. Everybody's Broke
8. Fear
9. Won't You Stay With Me
10. Master Of The Law
11. Maybe
12. Don't Leave Me
13. Next Generation

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Max Carl - The Circle 1985 (AOR!!) U.S.A.

Max Carl has recorded two albums previously, but using his real surname Gronenthal. I'm not sure why he changed his name, but it didn't work as "Circle" flopped.
Not that its a bad album, though perhaps a little quirky at times, but a couple of standout tracks make it worthwhile, as do Max's dulcet tones.
One single was used from "Circle" and this was the excellent title track, which appeared in 80's teen movie Weird Science".
Max also performed a duet with Marcy Levy. The track was "Come And Follow Me", and it appeared in the closing credits for another 80's movie Short Circuit".
In 1985 Max also appeared as backing vocalist for Holland's one and only album "Little Monsters".
Then he joined 38 Special for two albums, the classic "Rock N Roll Strategy" and its follow-up "Bone Against Steel".
He was last seen with Grand Funk Railroad as part of the touring band.

1. Radical Prodigal
2. The Lion Kills The Sparrow
3. The Circle
4. A Cold Shot
5. Strategic Land (A Soldier's Song)
6. Night Train Roll
7. A Thousand Nights
8. Tell Me Where Your Sister's Hiding
9. Curves
10. Timing

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miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

Cinderella - Authorized Bootleg Live At The Tokyo Dome, Japan 1990/2009 (Hard Rock/Glam) U.S.A.

CINDERELLA's U.S. tour with WARRANT, LYNCH MOB and LYNAM — which was supposed to take place in the summer of 2008 — was cancelled after frontman Tom Keifer's left vocal cord hemorrhaged during rehearsal, thereby making it impossible for him to sing in the immediate future. Island/Mercury has set a March 31 release date for CINDERELLA's "Authorized Bootleg: Live at the Tokyo Dome - Tokyo, Japan Dec. 31 1990" CD.

01 – ‘Intro’
02 – ‘The More Things Change’
03 – ‘Push, Push’
04 – ‘Back Home Again’
05 – ‘Sick For The Cure’
06 – ‘Make Your Own Way’
07 – ‘Somebody Save Me’
08 – ‘Night Songs’
09 – ‘One For Rock And Roll’
10 – ‘Heartbreak Station’
11 – ‘Coming Home’
12 – ‘Fallin Apart At The Seams’
13 – ‘Love’s Got Me Doin Time’
14 – ‘Don’t Know What You Got (‘Till It’s Gone)’
15 – ‘Nobody’s Fool’
16 – ‘Gypsy Road’
17 – ‘Shake Me’
18 – ‘Shelter Me’

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