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Little Yankees - All Or Nothing 1997 (Aor) Suecia

Not too much known about this band, though I did find their old (& dead) website. This is a good release with a kind off Little angels goes Aor sound with a fairly even use of brass only with gruffer vocals. Emphasis as usual with a lot of "Scandi" bands are great hooks and melodies... my feet ain't stop tappin' yet. Grab it if you can find a copy! (aor-fm)

Dex -lead vocals, saxophone, guitars, keyboards
Tobias "Snake" Wernersson - guitars, keyboards, b/vocals
Heavy Eddie - bass, b/vocals
The Preacher - drums, percussion

1. Go To America
2. The Power
3. Famous
4. Can't Live
5. Die For You
6. I'll Be There
7. Give It To Me
8. Burning Feeling
9. Don't Leave Me
10. Give It Up
11. All Or Nothing

Link / Kissmar

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