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Lions Pride - Take No Shit Anymore 1990 (Melodic Rock) Dinamarca

Early album from cult Danish label Bums Records. This is possibly one of their rarest releases, and not bad at all.
Reminiscent of bands like Skagarack, and Fate, but with a production typical of the label...flat!

Joern Gillerhaugen - Lead Vocals & Bass
Geir Tonny Brovold - Keyboards & B/Vocals
Joergen Reboli Norevik - Drums & B/Vocals
Dag Slemmen - Guitars
Espen Roenning - Guitars

1. Broken Hearts
2. Take No Shit Anymore
3. Heartbeat
4. Final Game
5. I`ve Been In Heaven
6. Wonderland [Instrumental
7. Light In The Dark
8. The Road I Follow
9. War Machine
10. When Lights Go Down

Link / Kissmar

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