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Life Line - You Better Believe It "EP" 1986 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

More obscure Melodic Rock from Sweden, produced by, non other than Tommy Nilsson (Horizont, Easy Action). To my knowledge, unrelated to a similar sounding Swedish band that released a mini/cd in the early 90's.
This is a rare vinyl single! Grab one if you can, ... but for now, check out the sound byte. Excellent stuff!UPDATEWe have found another single by this band (thanks Alf), which is even better, with two female vocalists/keyboard players. Now how sexy is singing girls playing keyboards!?
These guys are in fact an early incarnation of the Lifeline, who released an CDep in 1993 entitled "Anyway You Want It". The only remaining, original band member was Olle Zimmermann.
Lifeline would finally change their name to Dreamhunter.Vinyl single, only!!.

Olle Zimmermann - Vocals, guitars/Mats Lindstrom - Guitars/Lena Johansson - Vocals, keyboards/Percy Carlsson - Drums/Ulrich Carnell - Vocals, keyboards/Janne Hedstrom - Bass

01 - You better believe
02 - Together

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  1. Hi,kissmar! Your blog's chido!
    I find good demos here..do you know or have 'Lafayette'- the mirror( swe,vinyl single from 1990)
    Thx Jim.