sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2009

High Wire - No Room In Heaven 2009 (Hard Rock) USA

1. Bordello Tango
2. No Room In Heaven
3. Walkin' Out
4. Open My Eyes
5. Don't Let Go
6. Dead To Rights
7. Little Lottie
8. Reality Town
9. Seeing Is Believing
10. Throwaway People
11. Through The Shattered Glass
12. Understanding
13. Gods Own Children
14. Torture

Michael Larsen Vocals
Carlos Delgado Guitar, Backing Vocals
Doug Traser Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marc Blackmer Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Calderoni Bass, Backing Vocals
Robert Belt Drums


Info & Buy.. http://demondollrecords.com/High_Wire_-_No_Room_In_Heaven.html

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viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Slam Alley - 21 Fire 2009 (Hard Rock)

1. Dogz Go Downtown
2. 21 Fire
3. Punk Polluted Zoo
4. Cry For Freedom
5. For Heaven Sake

Info & Buy.. http://demondollrecords.com/Slam_Alley_-_21_Fire.html

Style Skid Row,Exclusive Kissmar.

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miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Little Yankees - All Or Nothing 1997 (Aor) Suecia

Not too much known about this band, though I did find their old (& dead) website. This is a good release with a kind off Little angels goes Aor sound with a fairly even use of brass only with gruffer vocals. Emphasis as usual with a lot of "Scandi" bands are great hooks and melodies... my feet ain't stop tappin' yet. Grab it if you can find a copy! (aor-fm)

Dex -lead vocals, saxophone, guitars, keyboards
Tobias "Snake" Wernersson - guitars, keyboards, b/vocals
Heavy Eddie - bass, b/vocals
The Preacher - drums, percussion

1. Go To America
2. The Power
3. Famous
4. Can't Live
5. Die For You
6. I'll Be There
7. Give It To Me
8. Burning Feeling
9. Don't Leave Me
10. Give It Up
11. All Or Nothing

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Lions Pride - Take No Shit Anymore 1990 (Melodic Rock) Dinamarca

Early album from cult Danish label Bums Records. This is possibly one of their rarest releases, and not bad at all.
Reminiscent of bands like Skagarack, and Fate, but with a production typical of the label...flat!

Joern Gillerhaugen - Lead Vocals & Bass
Geir Tonny Brovold - Keyboards & B/Vocals
Joergen Reboli Norevik - Drums & B/Vocals
Dag Slemmen - Guitars
Espen Roenning - Guitars

1. Broken Hearts
2. Take No Shit Anymore
3. Heartbeat
4. Final Game
5. I`ve Been In Heaven
6. Wonderland [Instrumental
7. Light In The Dark
8. The Road I Follow
9. War Machine
10. When Lights Go Down

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sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

Life Line - You Better Believe It "EP" 1986 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

More obscure Melodic Rock from Sweden, produced by, non other than Tommy Nilsson (Horizont, Easy Action). To my knowledge, unrelated to a similar sounding Swedish band that released a mini/cd in the early 90's.
This is a rare vinyl single! Grab one if you can, ... but for now, check out the sound byte. Excellent stuff!UPDATEWe have found another single by this band (thanks Alf), which is even better, with two female vocalists/keyboard players. Now how sexy is singing girls playing keyboards!?
These guys are in fact an early incarnation of the Lifeline, who released an CDep in 1993 entitled "Anyway You Want It". The only remaining, original band member was Olle Zimmermann.
Lifeline would finally change their name to Dreamhunter.Vinyl single, only!!.

Olle Zimmermann - Vocals, guitars/Mats Lindstrom - Guitars/Lena Johansson - Vocals, keyboards/Percy Carlsson - Drums/Ulrich Carnell - Vocals, keyboards/Janne Hedstrom - Bass

01 - You better believe
02 - Together

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viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Dr. Grind - Speechless (2009), Hard Rock

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Sgt. Roxx - Weapon Of Miss Distraction (2009), Hard Rock

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Charlie - Kitchens of Distinction (2009), AOR/West Coast

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Spin Gallery - Embrace (2009), Melodic Rock

Link / Nightmare Master

Bad Sign - St. (2009), Hard Rock

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Helix - Vagabond Bones (2009), Hard Rock

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Naughty Boys - Destiny Calls (2009), Hard Rock/Sleaze

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domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

TNA - Finger On The Trigger 2001 (Melodic Hard Rock) USA

Great new melodic metal band similar in style to LION, HEAVENS EDGE, & ATTRACTION. The debut album Produced by ex-Cult drummer Lez Warner, and mixed/mastered by Alex Salz of TOUR DE FORCE will satisfy all fans of hard rock.

Mike Mcmanamon - vocals
Sean Tarr - guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Danny Tore - drums, backing vocals
Phil Poacheco - bass, backing vocals

1. Rung On The Ladder
2. Take You Home
3. Let Me Down Easy
4. Where's The Love
5. Life Goes On
6. Falling Down
7. Draw The Line
8. Bittersweet
9. Can't Wait Forever
10. Bad Girl

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jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Stargazer - St. 2009 (Melodic Rock) Norway

The Norwegian Newcomers STARGAZER are ready to cause a stir with their debut album, the band is all geared-up to reach for the musical stars up in the Rock’n Roll sky. Their aim is guaranteed to become a success by the very promising combination of a modern state-of-the-art production by co-producer Rune Nordal, with 'old school' hard rock and melodic rock and with the participation on all songs by Morten 'Morty Black' Skaget (Ex-TNT) on bass and Steinar Krokstad (ex-Stage Dolls) on drums. Stargazer’s Tore André Helgemo and William Ernstsen take off their hats to the big names like Van Halen, Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne and based on their legacy, Stargazer are creating their own signature rock sound, leaving nothing left to be desired.