jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Marc Jordan - Talking Through Pictures 1987 (Lite AOR/Westcoast ) U.S.A.

80's techno-AOR doesn't get much better than this. Sure this has a sort of singer-songwriter mood, but how can you ever forget the intensity and the magic of "Catch The Moon", "I Was Your Fool" or "Soldier of Fortune"? Marc has an incredible voice and in this record gives his best on massive keyboards/piano landscapes. There is also some stuff akin to YES (Trevor Rabin era, he also plays guitar on this album btw), Rush ("Power Windows" era), Wang Chung etc.(ehyder)
Brilliant Hi-tech aor release and one of my alltime favourites. Top tracks -All of them especially 'This Independence', 'Seek And You Shall Find'and the hauntingly beautiful' Soldier Of Fortune'. Fabulous musicians and an out of this world production make this one an absolute must have.(Jez)
Link / Kissmar

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