sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

If Only - Destiny 2004 (Melodic Rock) Ingland

Without a doubt one of the best melodic rock albums to come out of the UK. They had a star in Tina Egan (R.I.P.) who was a bluesy singer in the style of Ruby Star and Sandi Saraya (though Tina had more grit). In fact Saraya's debut album is a very good comparison to "No Bed Of Roses". Managing to enlist Geoff Downes (Asia) talents at the production helm and a few guest musicians; Toby Sadler (White Spirit, Airrace, Samson) Mike Moran (Queen) they produced a massive album that should have taken them to highest level and beyond. The Long Island album is a re-issue of the earlier Japanese only release, with an extra four tracks!... CLASSIC!.(aor/fm)
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