sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

Hevansent - Imperfect Angels 1993 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

Almond, New York, band I've heard compared to White Sister! True impart. Theres a couple of tracks that have characteristics of those once Pomp gods, but the remaining tunes are as far a way from WS as I am from growing an extra head. There is a surplus of ballads: 5 in all, and even for a wimp like me, this is two, tooo many. (good that they are) A minor point, I have to say, as the remaining tracks are very much in the Slyboyz vein. "Don't Let Them Know" is by far their best track, and you can dl it below.Not a classic... and not a donkey! And very hard to find.(aor/fm)
Link / Kissmar

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