miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Cats In Boots - Kicked & Klawed 1988 (Glam Metal) U.S.A.

Amidst the other hair bands in the late 80's, Cats In Boots were gravely overlooked. They were, perhaps, the most underrated metal band of the late 80's. Joel Ellis has a killer rock 'n' roll voice and the riffs on this cd are incredible. I envy anybody who owns an original copy of this cd. I never bought one, but now I wish I had. Like the first Love/Hate cd, I consider it a collector's item! (Greg Stearns)
Link / Kissmar

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  1. Excelente post! buenos discos.. un pregunta: cual es el password del disco de cats in boots, kicked and klawed.
    Mil gracias.