sábado, 27 de junio de 2009

Bettina Holli - Demos 1989 (AOR) U.S.A.

AOR melodico muy interesante,de sonido muy discreto por ser demo.
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Warp Drive - Gimme Gimme 1989 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

FANTASTIC!!.great album indeed!.this one just brings me fond memories from the 80's.i would describe this guys as a mixture of Bonfire with Def Leppard. mark woerpel is such a deadringer for clauss lessman that i actually think he could fill his shoes anytime.the material it's quite consistent throughout the whole album and the production is pretty good too,i suggest you get this pronto if you dig any of the bands i mentioned above.a couple of spins and you'll be hooked...i guarantee it!!.(rob garcia)
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Lillian Axe - Sad Day On Planet Earth 2009 (Melodic Metal) U.S.A.

Info Here.
Esta mas que aceptable el disco,..ahora estoy loco el tema MegaSlowFade empieza similar a Detroit Rock City y por la mitad del tema casi identico unas estrofas melodicas a

I Was Made For Lovin' You de Kiss..
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Burning Rain -St. 1999 (Hard Rock) U.S.A.

This is a welcome return for Doug Aldrich after BMR's "Opium for the Masses" mess. The band marks Doug's return to an 80's hard rock feel, and his playing shines throughout the album. I was extremely happy with Keith's St. John's vocals; it made a better impression on my ears than Kal Swann from Lion and BMR. Had to buy the Japanese import at the time, but it was worth every penny.(Steve F.)
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Chapter - Open The Book 198? (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

Obscure pomp rock band who recorded their album in California. You do get the impression that these guys are a christian band, but i've been wrong before... The music itself is pomp rock, with the usual elements of prog. IE. Neo prog, but this is deffinitely more aor (and pompous for that matter) than a lot of bands of that ilk.You do hear influences from Rush, to Saga, and a few "Marillionisms" in between.All held together with the melodies of, say, Cast of Shadows.Recommended.(aor/fm)
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Broke [N] Blue - Demo 2000 (Melodic Rock/AOR) Suecia

From the land of all things melodic... comes Broke[N]Blue, a band with shared female/male vocals, and is similar in style to countrymen Alyson Avenue, and Coastline. Throw in a little Toto...! Not a classic, but competently played, with good songs, that bodes well for a follow up album, that has yet to appear.4 years after their debut sees "The Waiting" hit the stores and was it worth "The Waiting" (u know I had too!) A resounding yes! Better songs and production make this a top 10 contender for album of the year.(aor/fm)
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Black Valentine - St. 199? (Rock melodic)

Data cero.
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Beki Bond (Vice Squad) - Demos 1987/88 UK (Melodic Rock)

Info.. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vice_Squad
Sonido mediocre.
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Partland Brothers - Electric Honey 1986 (AOR) Canada

Cool midwest style AOR, brother duo similar to Refugee, Glass Tiger and Boulevard!.
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viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Baton Rouge - St. Anne's Wheel 1995 (Hard Rock) U.S.A.

Good blues rock band much in the same vein as Lauren Smoken, and a liter Joanna Dean, with the occasional foray into Joan Jet territory.(aor/fm)
Ojo! no confundir con BATON ROUGE de U.S.A. tambien!.Chica al frente.
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Glen Burtnick - Retrospectacle 1996 (Melodic AOR)

Muy bonito disco del Gran Glen Burtnick. Si esto es material obviado para sus discos o temas nuevos pues debería hacerlo mas seguido. Muy buen material, aun cuando haigan temas acústicos(suena a Bob Dylan a rabiar) no se puede dejar de destacar la calidad vocal y musical de estos temas. "Someday" "Love Is the Ritual"(clásico de los Styx) "Don't Give Up on Me" y "Woman's Point of View". La 6 es el único tema que no me agrada mucho, "River of Fire" buena como la versión de Stan Meissner.(Juan Carlos)
Love Is the Ritual muy WINGER ,recomendado este album.
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Thomas Helmig - Dream 1999 (Lite AOR) Denmark

Info Here.
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jueves, 25 de junio de 2009

Pete Goalby - Demos

Peter Goalby is a singer and guitarist. He was the lead vocalist for Uriah Heep between 1982-1985, recording three albums with the band. He also wrote Blood Red Roses, recorded by the band for their 1989 album Raging Silence and released as the second single from the album.Before singing for Uriah Heep, he was lead singer and second guitarist in Trapeze on the studio recording Hold On (1978) and the live album Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos (1981). He also plays mandolin.
Sonido mas que aceptable!,por momentos parece FOREIGNER,RECOMEDADO!
Thank you Aornufc
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Marshall Monroe - Lujo y Pasion1987 (Hard Rock/AOR)

Marshall Monroe se forma en al año 1983 por mediación de José Manuel Fernández a la batería y Benjamín Albiñana a la guitarra.Ambos procedían del grupo Sociedad Anónima. En dicho álbum cuentan con las colaboraciones de Miguel Oñate, Jero y Pepe Moreno.Marshall Monroe graban su único lp "Lujo Y Pasión" en el verano de 1987 (muy buscado por lo coleccionistas). Como presentación de dicho lp actúan por toda España con grupos de primera línea: Tarzen, Sangre Azul, Bella Bestia, Niagara.La no concreción con ninguna discográfica de un nuevo contrato discográfico precipitan la salida de José Antonio Casal de la banda y es sustituido por J.A. Martín (ex Sangre Azul) con el que graban nuevos temas para sumar a los ya grabados anteriormente.Leyenda Records de la mano de Alfonso "J.B." Sánchez reedita el único álbum de la banda remasterizado y cargado de extras y de fotos inéditas.(Cebojon)
RE-edicion de 500 copias!!
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Marc Jordan - Talking Through Pictures 1987 (Lite AOR/Westcoast ) U.S.A.

80's techno-AOR doesn't get much better than this. Sure this has a sort of singer-songwriter mood, but how can you ever forget the intensity and the magic of "Catch The Moon", "I Was Your Fool" or "Soldier of Fortune"? Marc has an incredible voice and in this record gives his best on massive keyboards/piano landscapes. There is also some stuff akin to YES (Trevor Rabin era, he also plays guitar on this album btw), Rush ("Power Windows" era), Wang Chung etc.(ehyder)
Brilliant Hi-tech aor release and one of my alltime favourites. Top tracks -All of them especially 'This Independence', 'Seek And You Shall Find'and the hauntingly beautiful' Soldier Of Fortune'. Fabulous musicians and an out of this world production make this one an absolute must have.(Jez)
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Danny Tate - St. 1992 (AOR)

Nació en Beaumont, Texas ,a escrito varios temas para otros artistas y este es su primer trabajo ,donde hay cosas muy interesantes como Winds of Change ,Someday , Romance.(Cesar).More Info Here.
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Jaime Kyle - The Passionate Kind 1992 (AOR) U.S.A.

En fin un disco plenamente recomendado para los que les vaya el AOR cumplidor sin mas,vamos similar a lo que venian haciendo entre otras Sass Jordan,Patty Smyth,Lisa Dominique o la misma Robin Beck en esos primeros 90.ACEPTABLE. (9 CHAMPIONS A 1)
I am not into aor since some year but this is absolutely awesome.One of the best female solo album aver heard IMO,10/10! (z4roxx)
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Potliquor - First Taste 1992 (Southern Rock)

This was Potliquor's debut from 1970-71 and has a heavier sound than their subsequent releases. Unfortunately, this is the opnly one that I've been able to find on CD yet. Martin Popoff reviewed this and rated it a 9. These are some of his comments : "The band's sound is a hotbed of cool southern traditions crossed with the psych stylings of the Guess Who and the Hammond hard rock of Deep Purple."(JSpillman).More Info Here.
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miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

Spoyld - Burgundy 1996 (AOR) U.S.A.

Info Here.Link

Garrison - Demos 1989 (Melodic Rock) Ingland

Garrison were an English band on the circuit between the years of 1988 and 1991, and their output was phenomenal considering I have 24 demos plus 2 live tracks.
And really thats all I can tell you about these guys.To my knowledge they never had a full retail release, which is a damn shame really, because their music is a mix of classic English bands like Tobruk, and Shy, and jock rockers Heavy Pettin'.Rest assured...the search is on!.(aor/fm)
2 Links alternativos : Link - Link
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Identical Strangers - St. 1997 (AOR)

New band from lead singer of Legend, Legend Seven, and guitar player from Allies.
Sure, it's got Andy Denton, one of the best vocalists in all of Christian hard rock, but anyone expecting another killer dose of melodic metal like Legend will be bummed, because Identical Strangers is much lighter than Denton's previous band. That said, some of the tracks ("Juliana Wilson," for example) are enjoyable enough from an AOR standpoint. Bottom line, this CD is an okay listen, but a major letdown compared to Denton's earlier projects. (Allen)
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Cats In Boots - Kicked & Klawed 1988 (Glam Metal) U.S.A.

Amidst the other hair bands in the late 80's, Cats In Boots were gravely overlooked. They were, perhaps, the most underrated metal band of the late 80's. Joel Ellis has a killer rock 'n' roll voice and the riffs on this cd are incredible. I envy anybody who owns an original copy of this cd. I never bought one, but now I wish I had. Like the first Love/Hate cd, I consider it a collector's item! (Greg Stearns)
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martes, 23 de junio de 2009

State Of Mind - MemoryLane 2004 (Melodic Hard Rock) Suecia

Hardrock sin tanta melodía, emparentados con los Skid Row diré pero no a esa altura tampoco. Temas parejos, producción aceptable, solos no muy bien logrados pero no malos tampoco, Disco decente. Prescindible.(Juan Carlos)
The band is similar to Slaughter and the vox seems like Mike Matijevich from Steelheart, very very good band Buy this Lp .(Biser)
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Icy Roads - St 199? (AOR/ Melodick Rock) Alemania

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Clockwise - Time Is Waiting 1998 (Melodic Rock) Portugal

Good Portuguese, melodic rock band, with some obvious, early Harem Scarem influences.
Guests included most of melodic metallers, Tarantula.(aor/fm)
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lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

TLC - Serious Trouble 1993 (Hard Rock)

Info Here.Link

Linehouse - First Love 2007 (Melodic Rock) Suecia

Hailing from Sundsvall, Sweden, LINEHOUSE got together in 2005 when NIKLAS DERNEBO and JONAS ÖHLUND found out that they had a common taste in music. JONAS had been writing songs on his own since 1992 when his band PRIDE went belly up. PRIDE released the ”You’re the only one/ Dreamer in the night” single in 1989. NIKLAS had a dream of singing but hadn’t sung with anybody since his teenage years. The two hit it off immediately starting writing songs together. For a period of one and a half years Saturday nights were spent in the studio.
In the spring of 2007 three songs were sent to Björn Lodin (BALTIMOORE) who took care of mixing and mastering. The songs were released by the boys themselves in August 2007 as a three track EP. On the 26th of October 2007 the compilation CD "Munich's Hardest Hits..Melodic rock is back Vol 9." were released. LINEHOUSE is included with he song "Stormrider".More info Here.
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Demos Various Artists

Bueno mas Demos sorpresa quizas no de tan buena calidad en su mayoria pero en sonido,musicalmente estamos ante bandas de muy buena factura.Zircus a tener en cuenta,todos hacen Melodic Rock/AOR.Quiero su opinion por que hay muchas bandas para descubrir chicos!!.
Blackwhite - Demos (Francia) / Daddy's Girl - Keep The Secret Demos (US 94) / Magic - Demos (Swe) / Zircus - Demos (Swe 88)
Thank Aornufc
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Air Raid - St 1981 (Pomp Rock) U.S.A

Produced by Eddie Kramer (The Beatles, Bad Company, Kiss) this is a some what underrated album, and one I rarely hear touted in Aor circles. Vocalist Arthur Offen is very good, and at times has a bit of the Freddy Mercuries about him. The music does remind me of Mpg... and of course Queen. I guess the problem with Air Raid is the hooks are not immediate, so the album would be classed as a grower... but grow on you it does. Give this one a chance folks; entertain it... and it will entertain you. Reissued on cd by Metal Mayhem, in 2007.(aor/fm)
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World Trade - St. 1989 (Neo Prog Rock) U.S.A

A superb CD that still gets plenty of plays at Clarkson Towers. Billy's vocals bear a passing resemblance to Jon Andersons hence the frequent Yes comparisons. World Trades music has one foot in AOR territory and another in pomp and it's just great stuff. The second the vocals kick in on The Moment is Here still sends shivers down my spine. There are no bad tracks at all on this album. Excellent.(Nick C)
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Baltimoore - Quick Fix 2009 (Hard Rock) Suecia

Hard rock from Swedens finest. Melodic, unpredictable with an attitude. DIGIPAK and booklet. All songs also come as instrumental (karaoke) versions - totally 20 tracks.More info Here.
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domingo, 21 de junio de 2009

Make Up 4 Albums

Brisk - St. 1991 (Hard Rock) Canada

Info.. http://www.aor-fm.com/bands/1020_brisk.aspx
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Shakin' Street - Solid As Rock 2004 (Rock/Metal)

SHAKIN' STREET was produced by Sandy Pearlman, manager of BLUE OYSTER CULT and BLACK SABBATH. The band's second album benefited greatly in sales from a support slot to BLACK SABBATH as well as guest appearances from JIMMY PAGE and BLUE OYSTER CULT guitarist BUCK DHARMA.Ross The Boss later found attention in the Metal world with the over the top MANOWAR, having met the group's leading light Joey De Maio whilst the bassist was employed on BLACK SABBATH's road crew. He was replaced in SHAKIN' STREET by Andrew 'Duck' McDonald but the band floundered soon after.(cdbay)
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Babylon - Playing With Fire 2006 (Melodic Rock)

Data cero.Otra rareza aceptable.Produccion floja a mi criterio seguramente debe ser una reedicion,igualmente sonido optimo.Mas para coleccionar.
Y como siempre gracias a la caja de pandora Aornufc.
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Dan Reed - Adrenaline Sky 1996 (Hard Rock Funk)

Info Here.Lo pidieron por mail,realmente no me va esta onda.
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Zenith - Prisoner 1986 (Heavy Metal)

Info.. http://www.metal-archives.com/
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sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

John Taglieri - Leap Of Faith 1999 (Rock)

Straight Ahead Rock. Think Bon Jovi meets Edwin McCain.Info Here.
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Airrace - Shaft Of Light 1984 (Melodic Rock) Ingland

Fantastic melodic aor classic that had ex Virginia Wolf drummer Jason Bonham, Toby Sadler (Lionheart, Samson, Gts) Keith Murrell (Mamas Boys, Jimmy Martin). Reissued in 2003, CD, on Wounded Bird, the same label that also reissued the two Virginia Wolf albums. Produced by the great, Beau Hill (Airbourne,The Storm, Fiona, Winger).(aor/fm)
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Mickey Thomas - Alive Alone 1981 (AOR)

Mickey Thomas vocals STARSHIP
Super Info.. http://www.glorydazemusic.com/articles.php?article_id=3607
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One Two - Getting Better 1993 (Lite AOR) Dinamarca.

Often rated as the Danish equivalent to VIXEN because of the two female singers. Their sound was generally softer than Vixen with high emphasis on ballads with the occasional rockers.More Info Here.
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If Only - Destiny 2004 (Melodic Rock) Ingland

Without a doubt one of the best melodic rock albums to come out of the UK. They had a star in Tina Egan (R.I.P.) who was a bluesy singer in the style of Ruby Star and Sandi Saraya (though Tina had more grit). In fact Saraya's debut album is a very good comparison to "No Bed Of Roses". Managing to enlist Geoff Downes (Asia) talents at the production helm and a few guest musicians; Toby Sadler (White Spirit, Airrace, Samson) Mike Moran (Queen) they produced a massive album that should have taken them to highest level and beyond. The Long Island album is a re-issue of the earlier Japanese only release, with an extra four tracks!... CLASSIC!.(aor/fm)
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Runner - St. 1979 (AOR/Pomp) Ingland

I agree with you AOR freaky, this is far from being a classic album.I think there are som pretty good tracks, like track two "Run For Your Life" who is good pomp AOR, but in all it's quite boring.There are two bands with the same name, the other one has a mini album from 84 and they are on the other hand really good (in my opinion).They play great AOR al'a Beau Coup and Shelter - First stop.(aorjocke)
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Runner - St. 1984 (AOR) U.S.A.

Rare vinyl ep from USA featuring four tracks of classy mid 80's Aor in the same vein as Beau Coup, Outrider, Preview with a touch of Survivor.
There was also a UK band with the same name who released an album in 78 (Acrobat). Forget them and search this little beauty out!.(aor/fm)
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Hevansent - Imperfect Angels 1993 (Melodic Rock) U.S.A.

Almond, New York, band I've heard compared to White Sister! True impart. Theres a couple of tracks that have characteristics of those once Pomp gods, but the remaining tunes are as far a way from WS as I am from growing an extra head. There is a surplus of ballads: 5 in all, and even for a wimp like me, this is two, tooo many. (good that they are) A minor point, I have to say, as the remaining tracks are very much in the Slyboyz vein. "Don't Let Them Know" is by far their best track, and you can dl it below.Not a classic... and not a donkey! And very hard to find.(aor/fm)
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Harpo - Smokin Gun 1996 (Hard Rock) U.S.A.

Very good Hard Rock outfit who've been on the go since the late 70's, but these days play classic Hard Rock covers and occasionally reunite for a "Harpo" gig.More Info Here
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World Affairs - Who You Are 1995 (Melodic Rock)

Data cero.Muy recomendado!.
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