lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Will and the Kill - St. 1988 (Hard Rock)

1. No Sleep 2. Heart of Steel 3. Rocks in My Pillow 4. Teach the Teacher 5. Restless to Reckless 6. I Thought I Heard a Heartbeat 7. Breakin' All the Rules 8. All Just to Get to You 9. Hard to Please 10. Their Game
Will Sexton guitar, vocals;Alex Napier bass;Jeff Boaz drums;David Grissom guitar, backing vocals;James Fenner percussion;Stephen Doster backing vocals;Tommy Taylor backing vocals;Charlie Sexton backing vocals, guitar on track 3 and track 9, Hammond B-3 on track 7, Harley on track 5;Jimmy Vaughan six string bass on track 7;Kreg Ross rhythm guitar on track 5;Billy White guitar on track 1
LB Diaon

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  1. Woe! Never thought that i would see this one again. Thanks!


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