sábado, 29 de marzo de 2008

John Verity - Interrupted Journey 1983 (Aor)

1. Rescue Me 2. Just Another Day (In the Life of a Fool) 3. Stay With Me 4. Love Is Blind 5. Are You Ready for This 6. You're the Loser 7. It's Coming Right 8. Chippin' Away at the Stone 9. In the Arms of Someone Else 10. Fallin'


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  1. Broken link. Keep on good working!

  2. ....would love to listen to this gem, sadly the link is down. Are you able to update the link?

    Many thanks for all these rarities!

    Keep on posting!


  3. Please reupload in different link.This is a great album.The post link is dead.Thanks in advice. many regards from Macedonia.