martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

1986 (Melodic Hard Rock)

For me only one step better than the "Hideaway" on the rich alone because of his previous board on many issues there is also here that the female vocals are not my favorites. The classic version of Alice Cooper's other IMO. "Do not Hold On You" AOR great theme very good, "Burnin 'Up The Night", "Miles Away", "Break You Down" the riffera "Breakout" (good though timid including keyboards) and then "She Wants Everything "best of the disc. Recommended. Post Original 25/03/08

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  1. una obra maestra!!esta chika te pondrá a rockear sin parar..!
    Gracias Kissmar eres lo máximo!!!

  2. Awesome stuff brother, I can't thank you enough!