viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

Tim Feehan - Full Contact 1990 (Aor)

1. Heart in Pieces 4:38 2. It Ain't Easy 4:00 3. Somebody Else's Moment 3:59 4. Something to Hide 5:18 5. Stand 4:00 6. Dive! 4:23 7. Can't Let Go 4:22 8. Feel It Believe It 4:14 9. Just Like You and Me 4:35 10. Look Before You Leap 4:46

Tim Feehan-Lead vocals, drum, bass, and keyboard programming,Prairie Prince;Mike Baird-Drums;Randy Jackson, Rene Worst-Bass;Bruce Gaitsch, Michael Landau, Gene Black, Steve Lukather-Guitars;Jeffery Vanston-Keyboards;Richard Marx,Tommy Funderburk,Timothy B. Schmitt,Rick Livingstone, James Christian, Marc LaFrance, David Steele, Marc Jordan-Backing vocals);Brian Macleod-Drum, bass, and keyboard programming, guitar, backing vocals).
Rocx Mix

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  1. Muy buen cantante gràscias por los temas de este disco y gran cantante AOR

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