jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

THE CREEK: Storm the gate (1989)

Muy recomendable banda de Hard Rock americano.
1. Storm the gate, 2. Rock me tonight, 3. Foxy, 4. Girl is crying, 5. I love, 6. Hanky Panky, 7. Passion, 8. The climb, 9. Fountain of youth, 10. Bad light, 11. On my way.

2 comentarios:

  1. 10/10 que gran disco....gracias kissmar..

  2. Kissmar..great collection ..

    I'm having trouble downloading this album "The Creek - Storm the Gate"...Seems that it was removed..

    I also would like to ask if it's possible to get the other album from The Creek s/t 1986 --» http://www.rockdetector.com/recording/usa/nc/charlotte/thecreek/album/thecreek52131

    Thank you...Please feedback me to my email: vsampas@gmail.com)